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Someone please ...

10/25/2003 9:20 PM
X-Anonymous Someone please ...
Describe Hell for me. For years people described hell as a place with eternal fires. OUCH!!!!!!!! You mean they burn people down there?  
Now some Christian religions have conceded "no fires" but rather that it is a place of eternal anguish. Maybe not as painful as being perpetually burned but certainly something most people wouldn't want for eternity.  
Anybody been to hell yet? If so, would you like to share your observations? And why the changing description? Do you think maybe the experts really don't have a clue?  
10/27/2003 4:20 AM
John Fisher
I can tell you about heaven!
I think that I have experienced a lot of hell here on earth! It is not hard to see it if you look around. Steering away from the hell and brimstone concept, I believe that hell would be a continuation of some of the deeds of this life. How would you like to in the afterlife have to watch all the people here on earth that you made suffer because of your wrong doing. Hell could also be an extention of a life lived here on earth that was full of meaningless actions or never acomplishing anything but doing the same thing over and over again with no gratification or fruit for your labours.  
Now about Heaven!:  
I know that heaven exists because I've been there. I have experienced heaven in my heart as a little fore taste or things to come. I have had visions more real then anything that I have seen in this life and I couldn't begin to discribe how wonderful it is.  
Just think of the best high on drugs that you have ever had and multiply that by 1000 and is wouldn't even begin to compare to the reality and wonders that heaven is. Just imagin the most passionate love affair or the best sexual experience that you have ever had and multiply that by 1000 and it wouldn't come close to the extasis of heaven.  
More then just a mere temporary feeling, the reality and the clarity and the overwhelming profoundness is more that could ever be discribed with human words.  
The things of this earth are only a cheap imatation and in many cases a couterfeit. So after being in heaven and experiencing heaven where this reality only makes you want to love everyone, how could I ever doubt that there is a heaven or a God? A God of love where he wants to give you the desires of your heart. Why? because he put those desires in your heart in the first place when He created you. Ask Him to show you and He will!!  
When you feel so much love even if you know you are a mess and a sinner like everyone else, the love he gives you makes you want to love others. I don't have the strength to love others by myself. Knowing that your loved gives you hope and faith for other things too. It cheers up your whole outlook and makes life worth living.  
John Fisher
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10/28/2003 1:25 AM
X-Anonymous Brother Stair
As long as we are on the topic of religion, have you ever listened to Brother Stair? I caught his broadcast on Shortwave Radio the other night and was wondering if he was a good source for hearing about Jesus.  
Here's his URL:  
From what I can gather, he says we should do the following:  
1. Get out of cities and move out to the Country.  
2. Don't go to doctors when you are sick.  
3. Get rid of your TV set.  
Do you agree that this is the way to the Lord?  
Already I never watch TV because it's nothing but a wasteland.  
He calls himself the "Overcomer" and the "Last Day Prophet of God" and says the world is going to come an end during our life time and Jesus will be here shortly. He's serious about this and says we are the last generation that will live on earth.  
What do you think about this?  
10/28/2003 3:23 AM
John Fisher

"1. Get out of cities and move out to the Country."
I agree that Cities are a curse. And a festering sore on the body politic. When Adam and Eve were driven from the garden and after Cain slew Abel, the first thing they did was go out and start a city.  
In most countries of the world, especially a lot of poorer countries, the majority of an entire population of that county lives in the one big city. Look at Lima Peru, Sao Paulo Brazil ( one of the biggist cities in the world) and Mexico City (Where I live which is probably the biggest city in the world). You see all these poor people begging and starving to death in large slums where they think they can get money and maybe some day be rich in the city. Also lots of crime! IMO, If I were them and I didn't have money I would go out in the county. You can at least eat the bananas off of the trees and you will live good with a lot less stress, polution and the poeple are a whole lot nicer.  
Cities are mans pride and joy as they worship the works of their own hands.  
The only reason that I live in the biggist city in the world is because that's where the people are and people are my job.  
"2. Don't go to doctors when you are sick."
I think that that as a black and white statment is wrong. I do belive that God can heal you if you have faith for the situation and I personally don't have a lot of faith in doctors. There are some physical things that doctors know that I don't and in that way they can be a help but there are many illnesses today that are simply caused from bad living, stress, fear, tension, bad eating habits. These all contribute to a lack of faith. Faith is the greatest healing factor and if you have faith, you have peace and that in turn will actually have a positive physical effect on your body and your health.  
But for gooness sake, if your sick and you feel you need to go to the doctor, go!  
"3. Get rid of your TV set."
I like to watch the news to see what is going on or at least to see what people think is going on but collectively speaking, TV has probably done more harm then good. It's nice to watch something if you need to relax a bit but what has happened is that our society that we live in and the way that the masses think has been formed by the TV set.  
I forget how many murders that the average child witnesses on TV per week but you can see how this has clearly contributed to the many social ills prevelent today.  
I rarely watch TV and when my wife is watching it, I am usually busy building tube amps and guitars.  
"Already I never watch TV because it's nothing but a wasteland."
Good for you!!  
"He calls himself the "Overcomer" and the "Last Day Prophet of God" and says the world is going to come an end during our life time and Jesus will be here shortly. He's serious about this and says we are the last generation that will live on earth."
Well that I don't know! I've never heard the man. But it reminds me of the guy in the insane asylm (sp) whole said he was Napolian. And I said "How can you be Napolian when I'm Napolian?" :D  
I pesonally believe that we are living in the "Last Days". If you read Mathew 24 in the bible, it pretty much is being fulfilled today in my opinion. I can go on a lot about that but I'll stop now.  
John Fisher
11/2/2003 11:18 PM
A real problem is that there is really no place you can go to hide from the nastiness and immorality of modern civilization. Cable and sattelite TV abound. Everybody listens to the radio. If you go to the local coffee shop, they will be playing something and you will be influenced by it even if you threw your own TV set and radios into the trash. It doesn't matter if you are in the city or in the country for the most part unless you truely become a hermit.  
I think the devil is now in control of the world. People preach "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" but nobody follows the message. It's only about feel good and nothing more.  
Just believing in Jesus to make yourself feel good is like jumping into bed with a whore just to get your rocks off. It takes more than that. The New Testament has a bigger message than all of that. If you really believe than you need to give up all this materialistic BS that is rampant. That's what Jesus wanted.  
As Jesus said: "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to pass through the gates of heaven." And yet everybody dreams of being rich. Everybody fantasizes about becoming someone the Lord doesn't want them to.  
And another thing. People still are screaming for revenge for the 3,000 people that died in WTC tragedy. Yes we all know that was a bad thing. But the bigger story is that 1,000,000 starving kids died in the world last night because they didn't have food. I didn't hear a peep about that. There wasn't a major newspaper in the world that covered that story today.  
What do you think?  
11/3/2003 3:07 AM
John Fisher

"What do you think?"
X, you are right!  
Things are quite out of porportion and off ballance. Most countries have only their own interests in mind so the poeple who die here or there is highly prioritized revolving around themselves. Who the hell cares if a few scores of bannana pickers die somewhere in some far off land. I't doesn't matter to us! As long as our economy is still stable and the price of gas doesn't go up, everythings ok. Sad but true that we are all selfish and much of society is built on selfishness. Materializem! the god of this world.  
Jesus said to "love not the world, nor the things of the world." "For the love of the Father is not in it". These are strong messages to take literally but they are true.  
Now don't get me wrong, I don't believe it is wrong to enjoy life and things. They were created for us to enjoy, but what happens is that people worship the creation more then of the creator. They get things out of perspective. They don't own things but the things own them. Materializm is just like any other "izm".  
To be real honest, I don't listen to the radio and I almost never watch television. Yes, it is hard to avoid some of it but if you fill your life with more positive and meaningful things then any bad influences roll off like water off a ducks back.  
I am not a hermit in any way. Let the light in and the darkness will flee of itself. Jesus prayed for his followers saying "I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the world." John 17:15.  
I am just as selfish as anyone else but Jesus said that greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world. The more I let Jesus live and work in me, the more I can do what he wants me to do and the more I can do the impossible which is "Love others". That is so contrary to the world and the politics of the world.  
That's the nice thing about it. I don't have to do it. It just has to be a miracle of Gods grace. By grace are ye saved through faith, it is a gift of God. Not of works lest any man should boast" Romans 2:23.  
Thanks for listening,  
John Fisher
11/22/2003 9:06 PM

You all are nice people and you believe. You believe in religion, you believe in the bible, you believe in the new testament. But tell me do you live up to your believing.  
Tell my why it is that during 20 centuries of the believing in Christ milions of people has been put to death. In his name. Whole tribes (or people) has been estinguished in the name of our loving jezus, bless his name. Love him or die.  
Am I bitter? Yes, very much so. You know why? And not only because of the before mentioned points. 2 Years ago I was looking through the downloaded files on my computer and found a piece of videotape my, then 14 years old, son had downlowded. The execution of a man, shot pointblack through the head. With a pistol. My age then, 56 years; having seen some more - having done some more - beeing around some more. I had to explain what it was he was looking at. The guy was shocked, thought in all honesty it was a videogame. Minutes later it was removed. If there is god, I thank him for that.  
Porn: I do look at it as, probably, do you. Tell me please, how come you're confronted with a lot of pop-up's (coming up faster than you can click them away) and you end always up with some russian pedofilian site. Personally I'am not turned on by nude 10 years old girls. We are al christians, we are all believers. We do the right thing. All of us. So please explain to me how comes we do live in such a f***ed up world. And insist to do nothing about it.  
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