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Small guitar amp w/o tubes

11/4/2003 7:52 PM
Small guitar amp w/o tubes
I want to build a small practice amp that doesn't use tubes. I know that tube amps sound great but it is unfortunate for me that in our country, tubes are not available. Do you know any site where I can found schematics for small amps w/o tubes. Or can anyone give me one.  
Thanks for any help you can give.
11/4/2003 8:18 PM
Sean K

This is a good place to start  
Another idea is to get Kevin O'connor's book"tonnes of tone" from his London Power site and build the Hood amp.Its kind nice for an SS with 2nd harmonic overtones.
Book Of The Day The Ultimate Tone, Volume III by Kevin O'Connor
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1/17/2004 5:48 AM
Dr. photon

you may want to check into some "chip-amps". these are basically an entire audio power amplifier, that's on a single (usually a TO-220 mutant with more pins, like a vertical output chip in a TV) chip. I currently have some of National Semi's Overture power amplifier series of chips on order as free samples (I'm getting the LM3886 and LM4780). These chips can be great if you want to keep the parts count down (tho you still have to make a preamp).
1/19/2004 11:58 AM
here you find a single ended low power mosfet power amp with a tube radio output transformer as load inductivity:  
it's in German, though  
Of course there are lot's of other, more common designs for low power amps - but it's an interesting design.
1/19/2004 5:56 PM
Mark Hammer

A great many of the smaller "starter" amps from Fender, Crate, and others use the power-amp chips from ST Microelectronics, such as the TDA2030, 2040, or 2050. These generally run a couple of bucks apiece. The more expensive part is scoring a suitable transformer.  
In truth, a couple of watts out of a nicely heatsinked LM380, 383, or 384 with a decent battery pack can be quite sufficient if you have a reasonably efficient speaker. An 8-pack of D-cells or C-cells and a 4-5watt chip can pack quite a wallop if the preamp is hot and the speaker is capable of moving some air.  
The other thing to consider is using low power chips in bridging mode. Even a chip as humble as an LM386 headphone amp can be coerced into providing respectable volume levels if you use a pair of them in bridging mode, where they operate in a complementary push-pull fashion. Check out the "Little Gem II" at
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