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fender quad reverb

11/19/2003 11:25 PM
fender quad reverb
well i mentioned in a previous post that i knew a guy with a few showmans and a quad reverb.....i ended up trading him an old crate solid state combo for the quad reverb. its kinda beat up . but it sounds good.....its missing 2 speakers, and has 2 of the originals , they dont sound bad but i really need 2 more....its real friggin would sound a lot fuller if i added 2 looks like its had some components replaced. some of the caps...but since i dont have schematics, i dont really know what.... tubes are kinda mismatched.....SIGH......gonna be a long term project i guess to restore it to its former glory....if anyone has 1 love to talk to new to tube amps...all being said..and even with money i need to spend on it, i traded it for a 200 dollar amp so i guess i did ok.....oh by the way he still has the showman heads for sale if anyone is interested...he was looking for like 250 each if ur interested ill get his email.....
11/21/2003 1:42 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )

Hi Skywriter ,  
The fender Quad is like a sf Twinreverb with 4 speakers , there are some sf Twinreverb/DualShowmanReverb [ = Twinreverb as piggyback ] schematics in books and on the net . If you can't find one email me and I'll try to help you .  
You probably have to spend some bucks on tubes , caps and speakers to make the amp working fine again . Maybe it's a good idea to find a tech-buddy in your neighbourhood to help and teach you .  
More advanced : try blackfacing it after fixing and convert the MasterVolume ( if you do have such amp ) to a so called post PI mv ; it's a cool and pretty cheap way to lower the volume without loosing the original sound when dimed .  
Hope this does help a little ,  
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11/21/2003 11:20 PM

chris, i would love to do that, it doesnt really get warm and fuzzy till it gets up around 5 or 6..and yes it does have a push pull master volume as well as volumes for each channel doesnt really seem to have any issues at this time, it does hum a bit but i think thats more a product of my crappy ungrounded 1950s electrical system in the planning a dedicated grounded circuit to the music room far as speakers can i put 4 new low wattage replacement jensens in there? its got 2 oxfords but they are kinda beat...can i run like 4 35 to 50 watt speakers? or should i run some like 80 watt speakers?i dont really understand how the ohm thing works all i know is i got 4 ohm mono output.......anyway thanks and ill see what i can dig up probly gonna tear it apart in a few weeks for recovering and a basic overhaul....just getting a cabinet together right now to run with a crate tube head i got(stealth 50) so im not stuck with a practice amp while my fenders apart. Anyway thanks for your comments
11/23/2003 10:54 PM
I once had a quard reverb and it was loud and clean. Not good for playing distorted.  
It's your typical silver face CBS fender amp that does not sound as good as the original twin reverbs. The amp will sound a lot better if you do a blackface mod to it.
11/24/2003 12:22 AM

well after well after i get myself a new speaker cab for my stealth head,(my christmas present!) ill start ripping into this quad and see what i need to replace and modify....4 new speakers will be a good start
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