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Re: Pro Jr died after Valvulator pulsed

10/11/2004 6:15 AM
Re: Pro Jr died after Valvulator pulsed
Thanks Nick I'm tempted to send VHT the bill. Their Valvulator caused it. IT starteed sending out some wacky dc thing or something. IT sounded like somone was knocking on a door. And the lights on my pedals were all flashing. IT was freakish and when I got it to stop the jr was silent and still is. I didn't smell anything strange though. I guess this is a good tie to mod the Jr as I was wanting to anyway I just don't know who to take it to in nashville. It needs more highs and a little more crunch or sag or both.
10/11/2004 2:36 AM

It could be the transformers, but those are way way down the list of likely. Trannys really don't fail often, and it is certainly not the first thing to look for. You could have an internal fuse that opened, a bad wire connection, a jack problem and so on.
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10/11/2004 2:58 PM
Yeah, maybe it's only a blown resistor at the input caused by the DC spike.  
One thing for sure, the Valvulator caused the problem since you saw your pedals flashing.  
10/12/2004 12:46 AM

Yes no question it as the Valvulator. I'm just glad it didn't blow my pedals too. It has been a problem since I first plugged it in. I have 2 of them a new one and a used one and the new one is the one I have the problems with. I have emailed them and asked them to take it back with no responce. How many things do you buy and are told by your friends to buy 2 cause one will mess up? And I listened cause they all have amazing tone but to me it's not worth it. I'm swithing back to the voodoo labs pedal power. And I will only need one. :>) Again unfortunatley I cannot really check into what the problem is at this point. I thought if a fuse blew the amp shut down completley. I guess not some fuses? Or some things you guys mentioned. I'll find a guy in Nasvhille to fix it. Thanks again,  
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