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Problem with Traynor YGM-4 :-(

8/13/2004 8:29 PM
Joe Problem with Traynor YGM-4 :-(
I just bought this amp at the pawnshop, it's a 2xEL84 combo and I tought it was pretty cool. But the sound was horrible. I tought it would only be a tube but finally not. If you play really soft, the sound is steady but if you dig hard, you hear horrible slack fuzz. I am using other speakers, changed all preamp tubes, the EL84's are Sovteks date 1999 so I tought they were ok. One thing I noticed is one of them, the metal casing behind the glass is glowing orange so much it's hot. I switched the tubes and it's still doing it on the same EL84. Is the tube bad or the amp ? Also I changed most of the filter caps.
8/13/2004 8:42 PM
Schematic right here:
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8/13/2004 11:35 PM

Joe, if one of the power tubes is glowing red got inside - what some call "red plating" - it could be the tube itself or the amp. If the same tube does it no matter which socket it is in, then the tube is bad. If it did it in only one socket no matter which tube was installed, then it would be an amp problem.  
No doubt it sounds bad with one of its power tubes melting.  
1999? Would you think guitar strings from 1999 would still be good? Those are ancient tubes, you owe yourself a new pair of them.
8/14/2004 12:47 AM
Ok thank you Enzo, it's the tube doing it, in either socket so I'll order some. Which of these should I take ? The EI EL84EG looks like a good choice... I want a fat clean sound.
8/14/2004 5:27 AM

If you buy EI tubes, please buy them from a vendor who will warranty them. My experience with the EIs is that I almost always get a bad one - or more - in each batch. I have yet to successfully buy a matched quad of them that didn't have to be replaced. I refuse to buy EI tubes. But that is just me, maybe someone else had had better experiences with them.  
Otherwise the JJs and the Sovteks are good tubes. The EL84M is a bit more sturdy than the other versions in my view. I buy mostly JJs, but I keep both brands in stock because I have customers who prefer each.  
Buy from a reliable vendor in any case.
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