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Voodoo moded mp1

9/13/2004 9:25 AM
Voodoo moded mp1
I am interested in the voodoo amps mp1 mod.  
Does anyone have a schematic for it?
9/13/2004 10:58 AM
Chris @ CMW amps

VoodooAmps doesn't give away schematics but their mods are worth every $.  
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9/14/2004 11:48 AM

But is there somewhere else other than thru Voodoo amps that I can get the schems?  
Surley someone would have cracked open theirs and mapped it out?
9/14/2004 12:07 PM
Chris @ CMW amps

Trace does join Ampage too from time to time.  
Like some other Ampagers he does make a living out of modding and building amps so putting the schematic online will harm his bizz.  
Not to offend you in any way ( truly )!  
9/15/2004 7:56 AM

Thats cool, its just that I'm poor and cant afford a trace mp-1.  
But really like the sound of 'em.
9/15/2004 4:46 PM
Is this the schematic you're looking for?  
I just looked at it for the first time and there is a lot of SS stuff in there that I'm not familiar with. I did notice that there is a tube gain stage direct-coupled to a CF and that gain stage has a 220k plate resistor and an unbypassed 2k2 cathode resistor. Often (but certainly not always) reducing a 220k plate resistor to 100k results in better tone and then you could play with the cathode such as trying different bypass caps and/or even different bias points.  
Because of the "phase" of the signals present and the way the power supply is typically laid out, I've read in TubeCad that it is preferable to have the plate resistor of the preceding stage and the cathode resistor of the CF to be the same value. As is, the plate resistor is 220k and the cathode resistor on the CF is 100k. So that might be another reason to try a 100k plate resistor there.  
But I'm just guessing and rambling! Good luck.
9/16/2004 2:15 PM

I believe he is talking about the ADA MP-1. If you go to you can find a large amount of mods available. I have one myself, and prefer the stock sound. The ADA MP1 has alot of solid state in it, and the tubes only have 12vdc on the plates, which is way too low to give any kind of real convincing tube sound, but I like it. As for Trace, he is such a nice guy, and eager to help any one interested, and I bet you if you e-mail him he will give you some pointers to mod, but he wont give you his scheme. he has worked hard to acheive those sounds.  
Joe N.
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