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Warm up a Crate Vitage Club 30

4/26/2004 12:45 AM
Darrell Mills
Warm up a Crate Vitage Club 30
Hey guys,  
Need some help. Have a Crate Vintage club 30, and I want to warm it up some. the highs are way to high and it has no low end. I can run it thru a crappy processor and make it sound great, but is there some mods I can do to get it to sound decent straight in???I would like to use it as my pack around for church, but it might peirce someones ears.  
Can anyone help?
5/6/2004 12:47 PM
Put it in a fire and that will warm it up.LOL......
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5/7/2004 1:56 PM
P Howard

Althought I haven't tried to warm up this particular amp..(although the fire idea would work)  
I've found a couple of things that are usually sure fire (pun intended) to mellow out some of the small modern amps.  
First change out the crappy speaker that they put in these things..put a nice alnico Jensen RI or Weber in it..I know it costs $$$ but the rewards are generally worth it!  
The alnico speaker will give it a warmer sound and round off some of the highs.  
Second, experiment with different pre-amp tubes. This is extrememly important in the very first pre-amp tube as this sets the stage for the tone.. try some of the new ones out there from EH or get your hands on some used old stock.  
Another trick is to make a beam blocker to put in front of the speaker.. I did this with great results on a harsh practise amp.. you make a circular frame that sets between the speaker and baffle (out of the 1/8" sheet of hardboard you can get at Home Depot) and leave a cross beam with a 2-3" solid circle in the middle of it so you in effect have two semi-circles cut out of it.  
This will mellow the sound of the speaker when you're setting right in front of it and will actually disperse the sound better.  
Hope that helps some..  
5/9/2004 7:39 PM

Thanks, Ill give that a try, I was gonna play around with the preamp tubes anyway. Didnt know the speaker would change it that much, and I'll alson try the blocker also. Its a killer lil amp, very loud,just no Bass and way to muchs highs.  
Thanks again  
What about changing some of the caps? would that warm it up some??
5/10/2004 7:20 PM
ken karp

I have the vc50, the head version.  
After tons of time taken into it with a friend who is a amlifier guru, we decided that crate never really biased the tubes right.  
We put in NOS phillips tubes, and after biasing them it came to life. Right now my setup is that with a 4x12 celestion cab. One really big difference on the amp is that i have have sovtek 12ax7wa tubes but a 12ax7 elecro harmonix tube in the driver position. I can go from a twang to a dirty scream with this amp. If you take the time to love your amp, it will love you back.
5/14/2004 2:13 AM

Whoa!! just a minute a bit too much amp love goin' on here!!  
Almost all current production mass made amps that I've seen are biased way too cold which makes them thin and lifeless..warm it up and they do sound better.  
BTW I had the opportunity to mess around with a 50/60 watt Crate VooDoo head and with just a little work got some actually great tones out of it.  
5/15/2004 3:05 AM
you may try replacing the "box' style caps with some Mallory 150's. install a bias pot and adjust to your liking - just stay within limits of the el84's. The stock speaker in the vc30 isn't bad, but there are definitely better ones out there which will enhance your tone. Anything from a Vintage 30 to a Jensen P or C series. Play with the tone stack - IIRC, the stock one is marshall voiced. You might want to vary the treble cap value up or down, as well as the slope resistor. Experimenting with different brands of tubes also helps. Lastly, and this is really a last alternative: the MDF cabinets housing these amps are GARBAGE - way too heavy and really bad for your tone. A nice pine cab would really help bring out the harmonics from this amp.
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