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Silvertone Reverb

8/27/2004 11:07 PM
Silvertone Reverb
I would like to replace this cheesy reverb tank in my silvertone 1484 twin tweleve amp. maybe someone knows how to figure the best impedance tank.  
Thanks Tracy
8/28/2004 3:17 AM
Mark Lavelle

What makes you think the tank is the problem?
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8/28/2004 5:56 AM

Mark, have you ever encountered one of those pathetic spring with piezo chips wedged in it reverb things those Silvertones used? Even when they are working right they are still a problem. They sound awful.  
If the thing is bad, it is probably one of the piezo pieces.  
Unfortunately, the drive is ill suited for a conventional pan, you wuold need different drive circuit. The output end could probably take a signal from anything, including a conventional pan.
8/28/2004 2:58 PM
Mark Lavelle

"Mark, have you ever encountered one of those pathetic spring with piezo chips wedged in it reverb things those Silvertones used? Even when they are working right they are still a problem."
Yep. My brother's had one for 20+ years. We always thought of it as a special effect! ;)
8/30/2004 12:16 AM

So that's what "special" means...
8/30/2004 5:24 AM
Dr. Photon

The reverb seems to have a floating driver that is connected to the plates of a 6CG7/6FQ7 (essentially a 9 pin 6SN7....) that is set up as a phase inverter/differential driver. You are getting a differential, relatively high impedance signal here. It shouldn't be floating at a high voltage potential due to the coupling caps, but only one side has a resistor to ground. I would suggest (if you really care about this...) that you get a tank with an isolated input (the input's ground is NOT tied to the reverb tanks metal case) with an input impedance of around 1.5K. The reverb recovery stage should be able to work with any kind of reverb unit (jockeying around with the gain of the recovery stage by modifying the values of the resistors around it might help you . All accutronics tanks have the same reverb pickup units it seems - only the spring configuration and input driver differ. If the amp's differential high impedance reverb driver fails to drive the high impedance tank worth a crap, you can just rebuild the section around that 6CG7. I'd just parallel the triode sections and make a capacitor coupled reverb driver ala Ampeg into a high impedance tank. You could also grab a transformer and use a low impedance tank.
8/30/2004 4:38 PM

Thanks Dr photon.  
I've been looking at this schematic for a while. it is very different kind of driver. I figuresd it must be a high impedance drive if uses piezo's in the circuit.
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