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Buying a good clean tube amp: Fender, Ampeg, Mesa?

8/12/2004 10:47 PM
Tommy Joe
Buying a good clean tube amp: Fender, Ampeg, Mesa?
At the moment I have a Marshall TSL 601 1' 12'' combo amp that I am looking to sell. This is a great amp for a rock guitar player, but I prefer to play more blues/jazz/funk/fusion music. The amp has an alright clean channel but it can only go clean at somewhat low volumes, and I gig with a pretty heavy-handed drummer. I have been looking at purchasing a very good clean soudning tube amp with reverb and preferably tremolo/vibrato. It would be nice for the amp to break up only at the highest volumes because i have a tube screamer, and a dod juice box for overdrive. The Fender '65 Super Reverb Reissue has that great Fender clean tone, without many features, and doesn't have much of a tube breakup at low volumes. I Also like the fender '64 vibroverb reissue with cesar deaz's modifications (supposedly a SRV type tone) which has a slightly overdriven channel that might be awesome but im not sure if that amp would be loud enough. The Ampeg SR-212RT is lowder, and has more options, but I don't know whether it will sound better than the Fender Super or Vibroverb. The Ampeg also has an overdrive channel that might be useful, its the loudest of all the amps and most versitile but i have never demoed it. I also looked at the mesa boogie lonestar and enjoyed it, but it just didn't have the right clean tones, clean tones were much like my marshall but louder. Price is not an issue, but I need some help deciding. If you have any information that might help my decision please reply, thank you.
8/13/2004 12:37 PM
Cole Davis

Do you need lots of clean headroom and a solid low end? Only one choice there (in Fenderland), a Twin Reverb.
8/14/2004 4:32 PM
Tommy Joe

thanks for repylying, I've been thinking about amps that have a switch for silicone diodes and normal tube rectifier which would be great for jazz, some of the mesa's have this (along with the vibroverb reissue but i've heard bad things about that). What is the difference between the fender twin reverb and the super reverb? Thanks again!
8/14/2004 9:10 PM
Twin = 2x12" speakers, 85W output.  
Super = 4x10" speakers, 40W output.  
I think.  
8/14/2004 11:30 PM
I would stay away from Mesa's for clean. They don't do clean well. If you need clean, revrb and trem I'd have to go with a Fender Twin. If you go with pedal effects and want ice pick in the ear clean check out Reeves. It's a point to point wired copy of a Hiwatt and are priced as much as the Mesa Roadkills.
8/15/2004 2:33 AM

I just got a peavey roadmaster, and its clean is one of the best I've heard. I'd imagine that other peavey tube amps from the same time period would sound just as good.
8/17/2004 4:24 AM
Paul Honeycutt

I have a Mesa MK I Reissue with an Altec speaker that does cleans as well as any Fender. It doesn't sound the same, but you can use it without distortion. Just use input two. I've had a couple of minor mods done to smooth out the distortion and bass and improve the reverb. Maybe that's the difference.  
I'd also recommend Traynor amps from the early 70's. With a little TLC, it doesn't get much better.
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