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Amp-building courses

6/29/2004 8:20 AM
Andrew C.
Amp-building courses
Hi all,  
Does anyone here know of any tube amp building courses or tuition available? So many luthiery classes available now but amp building?  
Very interested in making my own tube amps, but also totally inexperienced. I know there is plenty of advice on the Internet so no need to rehash it here. Read, try, be safe, experiment, read more, build a kit, etc. etc. Just looking for info on classes.  
Many thanks  
6/29/2004 1:03 PM

andrew, i just got into this amp building thing about a year and a half ago. and i am not the sharpest tool in the shed either. if i can learn this stuff, you can too. a wise man (i think it was chris @ cmw amps)told me to just jump in. start with the p1 project. simple and a good sounding amp. if you start with this one, you will learn more than you can learn in some type of theory class! what ever questions you might have, ask them here. everyone here is patient with newbies and friendly (except anonymoose), and very willing to share info and experience. why reinvent the wheel when you can talk to the guy that did!  
and to answer your q, the only classes i think you will need is some general electronics.  
hey man this stuff is like nike! just do it!  
my 2 cents worth. good luck! jon
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6/30/2004 12:26 PM
Chris - CMW amps

Hi Jon  
"a wise man (i think it was chris @ cmw amps)told me to just jump in."  
1st time in my life someone calls me a wise man so it must be another guy :D , thanks for your kind words !  
Trace Allen from told me to "just do it" when visiting him and not being afraid to make mistakes and spending hours/weeks/months/years on tweaks & designs .  
I did and still do reinvent the wheel from time to time but you do gain more hands on experience and it also "proves" that you can come up with excellent ideas .  
About sharing certain ideas/etc. :  
that's a difficult thing :D . If people do have a really unique design and make a living with it then it would spoil their business very badly by putting that info on the www . Bigger amp-companies have people monitoring BBSs fulltime to cut designer-costs and they're always able to produce amplifiers way cheaper then the small amp-builder/designer can do .  
Anyway : amp-building/tweaking is very addictive ( ha ha ) and I'm so glad with Ampage 'cause everbody is willing to help each other . Besides that I've also met some cool Ampagers IRL or by telephone conversations , right now I can't imagine a world without the internet anymore :)  
My 2 €-cents , keep on rockin' and building !  
Ps $100 for a two day (Ch)amp-course by a very good and experienced amp-tech is a bargain ! Sometimes people do need a little more then "just" the www , afaik Kevin O' C did give some courses in Scandinavia . Hope "6-10" can comment on that .
6/30/2004 4:14 PM

Chris, maybe i was a little general about the whole conversation. for that i apologize. what i meant was, in my part of the world (south georgia, usa) the seminar thing just wouldnt happen. 15 people in my home town have seen a vacuum tube and 14 of them dont know what they are. the seminar is a great idea. i think it would be easier to just call me on the phone and talk, cause around here, me and you would be the only two people there anyway. it really is a shame though, i would love to go to one. but what i meant about the sharing of ideas was, i've learned so much by listening the the crosstalk on this forum it aint even funny. whether it was helpin someone to find hum somewhere or the best way to insert a master volume. not about unique ideas. ones own ideas is what creates what everyone calls "the mojo". but if you were to come over here to do a seminar, i'm there dude!  
7/1/2004 12:40 PM
Chris - CMW amps

Hi Jon  
Every time I do wanna visit the US I have to take a plane 'cause I'm located in the Netherlands .....  
My words about sharing was regarding very special circuits not about "common tricks" and known circuits .  
Ps best liquid for way too hot weather : tea !
7/1/2004 8:19 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

My friend Chris in class listening to an explanation of how a diode works. ;)  
7/1/2004 9:09 PM
Chris - CMW amps

Nah , just looking at the other chick ..... what's a diode ? :D  
Chris - Love , peace and loudness :)
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