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I laughed so hard at this I could not keep it to myself.

5/28/2004 3:30 AM
John Kelley Brown
I laughed so hard at this I could not keep it to myself.
Shucks, I gotta git me somma dis.  
5/28/2004 2:23 AM
Rowdy Re:Is this used in the SLO-100 amp???
Do ya think Mr. Saldono uses this on the famous SLO-100 circuit for a more TUBULATOR sound???  
Maybe thats the SLO's secret ingredient to get that KILLER guitar sound.  
heck, I better gets me some fer all my amps.  
Rowdy McHowdy
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5/28/2004 2:54 AM
bob p Re: I laughed so hard at this I could not keep it to myself.
tell me, that's a joke, right? i mean that has to be right up there with using green markers on your CDs!  
fwiw, i always thought that the use of black ink on ICs was a stealth effort to keep people from copying the circuit. i never knew of the sonic advantages of black ink!!! :D
5/28/2004 5:51 AM
John Kelley Brown

It's obviously a joke, right? I mean come on, I may not be Rupert Neve but that stuff looks like it could have been made yesterday. And everybody knows the ink that really does make AD and DA converters sound like tube gear was made for only one year in 1955, specificaly for that very purpose. Sheesh! Who do these smegheads guys think we are!  
5/28/2004 3:52 AM
ChrisM Re: I laughed so hard at this I could not keep it to mys
I'm amused and disgusted me at once. I read the whole page and couldn't find one single technical statement that was not completely ludicrously wrong. I don't really mind that it exists though. It's a classic example of a stupidity tax, just like lottery tickets.
5/30/2004 2:47 PM
Bob S II

The whole site is a joke, and a pretty masterful one at that.  
The SPLIF amp? :)  
5/30/2004 10:46 PM

*The SPLIF amp? :)*  
I imagine the builders are rolling in the aisles, among other places ;)  
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