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Electrolytic leads are too thick to fit through the PCB?

4/4/2004 7:43 PM
Electrolytic leads are too thick to fit through the PCB?
I'm recapping a vintage Orange head. I have nothing but Sprague Atoms for it. I came across a slight problem, however...  
The leads on the Atoms are just a tad too thick to fit through the holes drilled in the PCB.  
Anyone ever came across this? What should I do?  
I'd hate to order an entire new set of electrolytics and have the same exact problem. Any ideas guys?  
4/4/2004 9:06 PM
enlarge holes on pcb.  
flying leads to cap.  
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4/4/2004 9:14 PM
Don Symes
Re: Electrolytic leads are too thick to fit through the
"flying leads to cap."
Shortest, thickest possible flying leads. Secure cap tp board with something - HotGlue, Silicone adhesive, lacing cord - something.  
4/4/2004 9:41 PM
Re: Electrolytic leads are too thick to fit through the PCB?
Listen to kg's advice.  
Is it a single sided board? If so I would enlarge the holes in a heartbeat. Doublesided boards are often made with plate-through holes, meaning the sides of the holes are conductive to connect the top and bottom sides of the board together. Drilling out the holes destroys that.  
You local hobby store - and probably also craft stores - will have a selection of tiny drills. I keep some #62 and #56 drills on hand. Nothing special about those sizes, they just work out for my needs. The smallest drill bit you get in a set or at the hardware store is usually 1/16 - way too big. Get a drill just larger than you rleads. Take a sample cap into the hobby store to match sizez.
4/5/2004 12:05 AM

Thanks guys...I was worried about damaging the traces if I tried to enlarge the holes. The board is single sided, and of course, rather old. The amp is a '71.  
Am I going to risk ripping off through the traces right under the holes if I drill in there?  
Thanks again for the suggestions.  
4/5/2004 1:06 AM
John Martin
Re: Electrolytic leads are too thick to fit through the
I have done this already. Use a sharp drill bit and don't force it. It will be fine.  
4/25/2004 2:07 PM
Re: Electrolytic leads are too thick to fit through the PCB?
drill from the bottom. shold lessen the chance of ripping the trace. good luck!!  
i personally like flying the leads in a situation such as this. that way, nothgin can happen. good luck!!  
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