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New GT 12AX7M (Mullard copy)

4/1/2004 6:53 PM
Pedro Vecino
New GT 12AX7M (Mullard copy)
Somebody has proven the new model Groove Tubes 12AX7M tubes based on old Mullard ECC83? Thank you very much
4/2/2004 12:25 PM
I wonder who built it? It doesn't look like a JJ, an EI, a winged-C, or a Sovtek, and definitely doesn't look Chinese. Hmmm.  
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4/3/2004 4:54 AM
Heiko Frost
It is Chinese. There is a 14 page thread on The Gear Page about it. It takes to a least page 14 until the dude who spams the hell out of GT fesses up to the fact that it is made in China. I have no problem where it is made if it is good but they went kind of far to hide this considering that it is $26 a tube.  
4/3/2004 3:53 PM
Ian Anderson

I've read stuff about these new GT Mullard ECC83 clones on a few websites and got the impression they were supposed to be US-made. I thought that $26 per tube was pretty reasonable for a US-made tube, but it turns out to be Chinese (should've known).  
I don't really care where it's made so long as it's a good sounding ECC83 - I'll get a couple once supplies become stable so I can pitch them up against my NOS stash :D  
... Ian :)
4/4/2004 3:49 PM
As long as I can get JAN's for $26 a tube (antique electronic supply), I'll stick with them for american. I just don't trust ANYTHING that GT says other than that their warranty is sound (which it is!). At the moment, though, my ears tell me that JJ is getting closer and closer to a great 12AX7, they seem to be getting better every year, and they don't use slave labor in their manufacturing, AND their country is not an enemy of democracy.  
4/5/2004 5:54 AM
Steve A.
Antique Electronic Supply
rooster said:  
As long as I can get JAN's for $26 a tube (antique electronic supply), I'll stick with them for american.  
    I just checked over there... are you referring to "T-12AX7A-RCA"? The price listed for me was $36.10. :(  
    No picture was available for that tube... can you describe it more detail (like the markings)? I have a hunch it is some of the 12AX7WA's that RCA made in the mid-80's? If so they were great tubes and GT was selling them as their American 12AX7 for about $18 up until maybe 5 years ago. A great all-around tube and I'd pay $26 for more of them.  
    I'd like to warn people about the "T-12AX7-A-US" listed for $18.95— these are the very bland Philips tubes that used to sell for about $10-12 apiece. Not a lot of character to them, but as I recall some of the lousier boutique amp builders were including them in their amps because they were "NOS". ;) I think most people would prefer the European or Russian 12AX7's...  
Steve Ahola
4/5/2004 8:40 PM
Ray Ivers
GE machines
According to Rick Benson (GT's #2 guy) the 12AX7-M, 6L6-GE, and 6CA7-GE tubes are all made with the original GE machines they got through a deal with Richardson Electronics back in the late 90's. Of the four 12AX7-M's I've got, one has the shiny 'blackplate' plate structure and the rest the more-common grey type, and all look like my Mullards inside (!); flattish plates with three horizontal ribs, two vertical slots on each side, small chrome tabs centered between the slots. The RCA's I have look similar without the chrome tabs, but my GE's have the 'Sylvania-type' narrower-center plates w/1 slot per side. The power tubes's guts look identical to the GE originals as well. They've all performed well for me, and these 12AX7's aren't microphonic at all.  
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