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Re: Cancel my order?

3/27/2004 4:20 PM
W Begg
Re: Cancel my order?
Regarding sources for parts, I get my fiberboard from McMaster-Carr. It closely resembles the Fender stuff, and its cheap. You will have to have a way to cut it as it comes in sheets. I believe the material is called Grade XX Black Garolite. I've used the G10/FR4 which is basically circuit board material without the copper, but this stuff is nasty to cut. The grade XX cuts well and comes as sheets from 24" x 24" to 36" x 48". a 24" x 36" sheet is a little over $11.00 and makes ALOT of boards.  
I get the eylets from Part # 534-43 and are $0.07/ea unless you buy 100, then they are $0.033/ea or $3.30 per 100.  
Both vendors above have super fast delivery times, especially McMaster-Carr.  
All the other components you listed Antiques Electronics Supply should carry. Another GREAT and reliable vendor. Good luck.
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