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Re: Questions for Bob

5/14/2004 4:52 PM
bob p Re: Questions for Bob
"What is so difficult that an experienced electrician cant look at a BFTR and a mk4 schematic and then combine the two so there is a clean BFTR and an orange and red mk4 channel and then add a few extras that I want?"  
you could probably do it if you had your heart set on it, but imho it wouldn't be worthy of my time.
5/14/2004 11:18 PM

How much time (man hours)  
would it take for a very experienced electrician with all the gear to make the amp I speak of?
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5/15/2004 12:13 AM
Cole Davis

Looking at the Mark IV schem it wouldn't be that hard if you DON'T include all the pull switches, channel switching, graphic EQ, etc. The lead channel is four stages and can be done using V1 and V2.
5/15/2004 3:00 AM

I wouldnt want the graphic EQ sliders,  
What do the pull switches do?  
I still havent used one.  
Channel Switching is A MUST!  
I dont wanna change any stages or anything of that sort, I want the unmodified petrucci sound (although he had all that rack gear with his mark IIC)...  
Ok Let me get on track:  
Here is what I want, and nothing less, nothing more.  
100/60 watt selector switch  
Channel One: Fender type clean (green led).  
Channel Two: Mesa Mark IV orange (orange led).  
Channel Three: Mesa Mark IV red (red led).  
All three channels with have independednt GAIN, VOLUME, LOW, MIDS, HIGH, PRESENCE and REVERB.  
(all things in CAPITALS will be controlled by pots acessed by knobs on the exterior)  
Global EFFECTS LOOP (mix saturation knob)  
Global SOLO (boost).  
Switch to change channels - 4 points (channel one, channel 2, channel 3 and footswitch)  
footswitch (mesa boogie style footswitch( think road king controller) ):  
Channel One (green led)  
Channel Two (orange led)  
Channel Three (red led)  
Solo (on/off)  
Reverb (on/off)  
FX Loop (on/off)  
If anyone wants to draw up a concept schematic, that would be a great help and give us a head start because i know nothing about schematics, I just say what I want and I'm gonna lay it all on this electrician.
5/15/2004 4:30 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Gandor I'm very very curious, if you would not mind... will you please state your age?  
5/15/2004 5:35 AM

Its too bad you didn't start this thread a few weeks ago. We had a Formula pre amp at work for 350 which is a great deal. That would net you a Mark IV tone. Stick a boost pedal in front of the preamp and you've got a decent shred tone as well. As for figuring out what the switches do on a Mark IV, download the manual see what the switches mean. Then go to the Music store, and find the settings that sound good. Go with it.
5/15/2004 4:10 PM
Cole Davis

What amp are you starting with? Or are you starting from scratch? If you're starting from scratch, consider this: I've seen used Mark IV combos in the $1500US range. Scratch building will cost you:  
Transformers: Power, Output, Choke: $200  
Chassis, faceplates: $100  
Tubes and sockets (4x6L6, 5x12AX7): $120  
Tolex and other coverings: $50+  
Cabinet: $200  
Speaker (1x12"): $80  
Pots and knobs (assuming $4 each): $80  
Resistors, caps, board building parts: $75  
Jacks: $20  
Photocells (for channel switching): $5 each, you may need a dozen or more  
Box for foot controller and six footswitches: $50  
Other odds and ends (wire, fuses, lights, handles, screws, etc.: $50  
Total the above and it's already over $1000. I don't know what people work for in your area, but 100 hours to put this altogether and debug it is not unreasonable. At $5/hour you're already at $1500. That Boogie doesn't look so expensive, does it?
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