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Mesa Boogie F-100 Schematic

4/27/2004 11:27 AM
Mesa Boogie F-100 Schematic
I need the mesa boogie F-100 Schematic to build a Hybrid of Mesa Boogies.  
My proposed plan is:  
Channel 1 - undecided clean channel  
Channel 2 - Mesa/Boogie Mk4 Channel 2  
Channel 3 - Mesa/Boogie F-100 Channel 2  
Master Volume.  
All channels would have mid,presence,gain, bass, treble, and volume.  
Solo Feature  
100/60 watt switch  
Global FX loop  
6 outputs - 2 4ohms, 2 8ohms and 2 16ohms.  
Footswitch - 3 Channels, Contour, Solo and fx loop on/off.  
I am getting a fully liscenced and geared up electrician to do this once the schematics are done.  
Any help is appreciated email  
Any suggestions for the clean channel or further suggestions on the current situation is much appreciated.
5/4/2004 6:55 AM

I'll take a stab at a suggestion for the clean channel. The Mesa's are basically hot-rodded fender designs so it stands that a fender pre would be a good choice.
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5/5/2004 12:14 AM

I'm still very open to suggestions.  
Channel one at the moment I am thinking of a mesa mk4 clean.  
Channel two I'm thinking I want it to sound like a Marshall 50watt Plexi.  
Channel three is shred channel, still thinking F-100 channel 2 for that.  
I just thought, Marshall's use EL34's dont they? and Mesa's are 6L6's. So I wouldnt be able to get the marshellesque channel 2 that I want with 6L6's right?  
Any options I can have?  
Anyone else?
5/5/2004 6:37 AM

The dual rectifiers can use diffrent tubes depending on the sound you want. My understanding is the F-100 is similar to the sound of a dual rectifier so you might want to go with one of those channels in place of the F-100 which doesn't seem to be available. Might as well throw the tremelo circut from the trem-o-verb into the mix while your at it.  
I wonder if its possible to have two channels go to a 6L6 power amp, and the third channel going to a EL34 power amp then into a shared OT. Something similar to what Mesa uses for their progessive linkage amps.
5/5/2004 9:32 PM

Damn, I had a big post and just lost it all!  
Well the gist of it was that It would be pretty hard to do the double power section thing and two diff. types of Tubes would just mean more money on tubes.  
They are expensive enough!  
My next move is to find exactly what channel's I want and from where.  
I need to go channel 'shopping'...  
I'll get back to you guys If I have any trouble.
5/9/2004 11:10 PM

Mesa Mk IV preamp (1st Stage):  
Generic "Fender" preamp:  
Don't see any major difference, other than switching overkill.
5/10/2004 12:54 AM

Yea, the Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, and Mark IV are all based off the fender design. The F-100 as far as I'm aware is based off the Dual Rectifier design which is based off the SLO 100. As far as switching goes, there is the possibility of "overdoing it"
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