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Re: Eyelet boards

3/13/2004 5:49 PM
Chuck Re: Eyelet boards
I use a carbide disc on my Dremel. I think it's carbide. It's the one used to cut ceramic tile (but you can't really use it for that, It goes right through the G10 though). If your really picky you can smooth the sharp corners with fine sandpaper.  
3/13/2004 7:57 PM

metal blade jigsaw or table saw.  
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3/15/2004 1:57 PM
Do you use a fine tooth or thin blade on the tablesaw? If you know of a good blade profile that works, lemme know. I need to cut about 10 pieces, and was mulling over getting a grinding blade for the tablesaw, but if a toothed blade works, I would easily opt for that.  
3/15/2004 7:09 PM
Greg Simon

Is G10 just plastic like acrylic or something? I don't think I've ever seen any. Does it have more than one layer? Help me out here someone!....  
3/15/2004 8:16 PM
Mark Lavelle
G10 is fiberglass (which is why you should wear a mask if you cut it in a way that puts particles into the air).  
Got to and search for "g10 sheet" (without the quotes, natch).
3/15/2004 11:23 PM

i cnat comment on the table swa as ive never used one to cut g10, just jig saw. ive beeen told that a table saw works, but with what blade i have no idea. As im sure youd find a blade that works, it may be costly as the g10 goes thru blades like no ones biz.  
wear a mask!!!!! dont even debate it!!!!  
3/16/2004 10:57 PM

I use a table saw. The blade should be carbide tipped and have a lot of teeth. Mine is a 10" and I think it has 60 teeth.  
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