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Eyelet boards

3/3/2004 4:32 AM
Eyelet boards
Anybody know a good supplier for blank circuit boards.I have the eyelets and the tool for installing them,I am looking for the blank board material only.Thanks
3/3/2004 5:56 AM
Are you looking for a specific board material?  
I got sick of every black fiber board I've ever dealt with showing some conductivity. So I rigged up to make boards out of G10 (actually I think they call the stuff I got G11 and it has higher moisture resistance) I just looked in my local phone book under "plastics" and I found a distributor about 40min. drive from my house. A 4x4 sheet of .068" material cost me $50. US + tax.  
If your looking for fiber board or you want to order on line there are dozens of places that pop up if you put the material trade names into any search engine.  
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3/3/2004 10:48 AM

Paul Ruby sells blank board in several colors.
3/4/2004 2:08 AM
cheapest supplier of g10 that ive found, diff colors, thickness and dimensions  
3/13/2004 6:13 AM
Danny Michel

got some blue g10 from mcmaster to use for the cap board in my premier 90 clone, cool stuff!!
3/13/2004 6:18 AM

wear a mask when you cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
3/13/2004 12:46 PM
what do you cut it with?
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