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Opinion on Rockefortte amplifiers?

7/12/2002 5:42 AM
christian sverchek
Opinion on Rockefortte amplifiers?
I had the chance to hear a sound clip of a rockefortte amp and so far its been the closest to the exact sound of Van halens brown sound but for 3 grand , talk about ruining a wet dream. Is there anybody that can perform a mod to get this sound for far less ?
7/18/2002 3:30 PM

Yes - Doug Roccaforte.  
He modded my '73 Super Lead to use his 'higain' 100 watt amp preamp. Not only can it do VH1-2, but does medium and lower gain Marshall crunch/scream better than any other Marshall or Marshall clone I've come across.  
Cost? The mod itself was $325 (this was as of October 2001). Got the amp itself off eBay for $800.  
There is a Roccaforte-modded Super Lead (same higain mod) on eBay right now with a Buy It Price of $1099... check out
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7/21/2002 7:34 AM
Mark P.

It looks like not everyone is so hot on roccoforte amps, or should i say just roccaforte himself.  
7/21/2002 9:54 PM

Damn, if that stuff is true I might not want to give my money to a hate mongor.
8/28/2002 9:53 PM
Doug Roccaforte

First of all, Im not a hate monger.  
AGA threads get blown way out of text, and you need to read the whole intire threads before passing judgement on me.  
I have many Asian, Black, hispanic and other friends.  
Looks like someone who is hiding behind a PC has a bone to pick with me, and lacks any kind of guts to reveal who he is.  
Typical net sniper.  
8/29/2002 2:54 PM
Ambrose Chapel

I think your a stand up guy for the most part. However I remember a thread on Harmony Central where both you and Crusty(Crusty Cabs) made racist remarks towards a Johnny Ou(I think thats his name - Asian, over weight, etc). Left me with a bad taste, but more so I felt it was unprofessional.  
There's no archives of Harmony Central's messages boards so I can't qoute you at this point and I have no 'bone to pick' with you, but I can see where people would get the impression of racism.  
My 2 cents for what it's worth.  
8/31/2002 3:07 AM
funny, where did the rest of the posts go?????
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