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Maestro PSA phaser and wah

2/25/2003 1:19 AM
Mike G
Maestro PSA phaser and wah
Just picked up a couple of old Maestro effects , a PSA phase shifter and a Boomerang wah.  
The phaser works somewhat, but doesn't sound quite right, there are some trim pots inside but I haven't messed with them yet.  
The Boomerang wah has signal but very low volume, looks like someone has changed the pot, so maybe wrong value pot and a bad switch?  
Again any info about schematics etc.. would be appreciated.  
or know anyone close to Memphis TN who does effects repairs reasonably?  
3/13/2003 11:04 PM
Frank E
Here's a link for the schematic for the Maestro Boomerang Wah, I have a couple of them myself and they sound awesome when they work correctly. I would check the 1uf electrolytic caps, they're probaly the originals which would make them about 30 yrs old. Hope this helps.  
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