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boss metal zone for bass

9/28/2004 11:20 AM
boss metal zone for bass
I found the Boss MT-2 works great for bassguitar, but I missed a few pounds of bass, so I decided to mod it a bit.  
Here are two schematics:  
The first one shows, where the bass frequencies are reshaped after the distortion circuit. Unfortunately I don't really understand the part of the circuit, except it is a highpass. So I experimented with some values and came to those, which I wrote in mt2_a.gif.  
If anybody knows what the circuit does in this section and how to calculate the values for a given Q and F please let me know.  
The mt2_b.gif shows a simple active filter 2.order and Bessel. It is signed to F about 105 Hz. With the active filter calculator at  
I changed the F to 40 Hz and so changed the values of R12 and R13 as shown in my gif.  
The bass comes better than before now, but I still miss a bit of punch. May be I've gone to far down, 'cause I know that the punch of a bassguitar lies around 50 to 65 Hz.  
To all professional engineers, who are writing to this forum: Please, if you have any suggestion to make the MT-2 even more punchy, let me know.  
BTW the numberings of R and C are like the numberings on the pcb of the MT-2 - man, it ate a lot of time to find the exact places ;-)
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