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Thomas Organ Wah Mod Question

8/6/2004 8:38 AM
Thomas Organ Wah Mod Question
I just purchased a new Thomas Organ Crybaby from ebay. I haven't even received it yet and I know I'm going to change the switch and make it true bypass. I THINK that I read somewhere that by doing this there might be a drop in volume when the wah is engaged? I also THINK I read that this can be prevented by changing a resistor in the circuit? Does anyone know about this? Changing the switch is no problem. I just don't know what resistor to change if there is a volume drop.  
8/6/2004 4:04 PM
Mark Hammer

Best advice is to go to and read the papers on the technology of wahs and the document on how to stop tone sucking in wahs.  
Ironically, in a great many vintage effects, installing true-bypass switching often results in a volume boost during bypass, the reason being that traditional switching with a SPDT switch would leave the circuit board connected to the input jack and load the bypass signal down as a result. Take away that loading, and the clean signal gets louder.
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