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Mods to Arion SCH-Z chorus?

6/26/2004 5:57 PM
Mods to Arion SCH-Z chorus?
I keep reading about how the original gray box Arion SCH1 chorus pedals sound so much better than the newer SCHZ version.  
Has anyone ever compared the 2 pedals to see what differences there are?  
I'd think it should be a good candidate for some mods considering what the older gray MIJ SHC1 pedals are selling for these days.
6/26/2004 7:38 PM

amen... i 2nd that...  
i have the sch-z version and to be honest it sounds pretty good to me... compared to tc electronics, boss ch-1, ce-2, ce-5, etc., although i think the often overlooked ch-1 is a pretty good sound chorus in its own right.  
i too would be curious to know the differences between sch-1 and sch-z.  
especially since it seems that so many pedals automatically get tagged with older sounds better than the new version... one has to wonder if this isn't just another hype trip.
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6/30/2004 1:03 PM
Jeremy Skrenes

From what I understand, the main difference is that the 1's tone control was a treble boost/cut, while the z's tone control is a treble/bass boost. I have the z, and the tone control gets too bassy if you turn it too far left. The pedal still sounds ok for $30, but it would be nice to be able to mod it.  
6/30/2004 1:36 PM

in the interest of science i was attempting to bid on a "1" @ ebay and fell asleep at the wheel... argh! if someday i get a "1" i'll do what i can to a/b the circuits.  
fwiw, i do notice that the Z tends to boost the signal slightly when the effect is engaged but not terribly so. in fact, some folks may not even notice the difference, especially in the context of playing in a live band situation.
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