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TS-9 resistors

4/23/2004 5:56 PM
Al B. TS-9 resistors
When changing the 470 ohm resistor to a  
100 ohm resistor in a TS-9 mod,could you use an  
82 ohm or a 120 ohm resistor if you run out of  
100 ohm parts? Would they make a difference or  
should I just go buy more 100 ohm resistors? Thanks.
4/27/2004 1:53 PM
Mark Hammer

Since your objective is to mimic a particular pedal issue fairly precisely rather than simply explore tonal possibilities, ideally you want to stick to the designated values. Having said that, there should be no detectable difference between a 100R value achieved in a variety of ways, such as a pair of 200R resistors in parallel, or a 22R and 75R in series, or even a 56R and a pair of 22R resistors in series.  
Should you fret if it isn't *exactly* 100R? Not really. The stock part is a 5% tolerance resistor after all, so some of the originals could have been anywhere between 95R and 105R.
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