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"Blue Box tttrraaccking"

1/24/2003 4:10 AM
"Blue Box tttrraaccking"
Has anybody ever licked the stuttered tracking problem in the MXR Blue Box? I've got an old "script" model that just won't track worth a flip... Any ideas?  
1/24/2003 2:21 PM
Mark Hammer Re: "Blue Box tttrraaccking"
Stick a compressor in front of it. The PAiA Rocktave has a reputation for being one of the best tracking octave down units. Its' strength is its' use of a 570/571 compander chip to keep the signal level consistent before octave division.
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1/24/2003 10:54 PM
Politeness Man
1/27/2003 11:51 PM
Steve Dallman

Screw 'em. The purpose of stringing all these letters together is called COMMUNICATION. These punctuations are tools to help communicate. Often we use abreviations that are not that common in our language, and the use of the apostrophe when using plurals of these abreviations helps clarify the abreviation to the reader. When I refer to the plural of LED as "LED's", it is clear to the reader that LED is the abreviation, and not maybe "LEDS".  
It is a tool to help clarify when communicating. Yes, the language does evolve, and this one is an example of that evolution.  
So let those AR's (anal retentives) get their shorts in a wad. There are more important battles in this age and time.
1/27/2003 5:35 PM
Mark Hammer Re: "Blue Box tttrraaccking"
Well thanks for clearing that up for me. Had I retained my ancient copy of Strunk & White's "Elements of Styles" instead of loaning it out and never seeing it again, I suspect I would have had more to go on than the vague echo of a primary school teacher's voice in my head telling me to stick an apostrophe before the S for some things and after the S for others.  
That being said, lengthy acronyms tend to look foolish when pluralized without an apostrophe, numerical items even moreso. The case of letter suffixes on numerical items, especially lower case ones (e.g., JRC4558d), makes it ambiguous whether the pluralizing 's' is a plural or possessive indicator. For that reason alone, and pretty much against all good judgment about grammatical rules, I use apostrophes to indicate plurals with numerical nouns ("D'ja manage to score some 4017's ?"). There is likely some reconciliation somewhere between the rules and the current state of the language, but I imagine that rules for apostrophe use long precede the more recent use of part numbers (and letter-suffix versions of same) as nouns that can be pluralized.
1/27/2003 6:50 PM
Stephen Giles
Re: '''''''''s
I have pontificated on this very matter on more than one occasion, but worse, I think, in the UK is the abominable habit of so called "uptalk", that is to say raising one's voice at the end of a sentence as if a question is being asked, but isn't. Perhaps the appalling Soaps from down under are partly to blame for this.  
1/28/2003 2:28 PM

I have never been able to use apostrophes properly. One good reason, i have had many teachers try to teach me to use them throughout my life, and each one of them has taught me something different!  
One seemed to like them a lot and suggested i use them all the time, other teachers seemed to be very stingy with em. (that should have been -'em- shouldn't it?)  
I just throw trhem in for good measure nowadays, wherever the little buggers look right. I have seen the protection society before, i think thats possibly the lamest concept ever.  
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