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Determining current draw of various FX

10/20/2004 8:22 PM
Determining current draw of various FX
I am trying to find the current draw of my pedals so I can run them off of one power supply.  
I have a Dunlop CryBaby, DOD FX50, Boss DS-1, BOss MT-2, Small Stone Phaser. I am looking at getting either a StroboStomp Tuner or a Boss Tu-2 to do the power handling via PSA120 adapter and for tuning purposes.  
Where can I find this info and is it possible to adapt the DOD and Small Stone 1/8" power jacks to the Boss barrel type or to adapt the daisy chain to the 1/8" jacks?  
And as far as the tuner goes, what have been your experiences with the Petersen StroboStomp vs. the Boss TU-2.  
I really appreciate the feedback I get from this forum and thought I would ask some of you heavy hitters out here. Harmony Central can be hit or miss.  
10/22/2004 11:28 AM

I have a Godlyke Power-All power supply that works great for me.  
Has enough juice for a lot of effects and comes with many different types of connectors you can mix and match, just beware not to mix + ground with - ground pedals You can even buy an extension cord that gives you 6 more connections for as many more pedals.  
It can power 6 pedals in it's stock form but quite a few more with the aforementioned accesories.
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10/22/2004 1:00 PM
if you have a multimeter and want to do it yourself, go to the FAQ of the DIY stompboxes site and you'll find a lot of usefull info including this one.  
Otherwise here is a very good link :  
Anyway psa 120 is more than enough .  
I have no experience about the strobe or tu 2, but boss tuners are precise and reliable and i have seen the tu 2 on numerous pro pedalboards. Try it to see if it doesn't suck your tone when it's off (it will change the sound -a little bit - inevitably because it's not true bypass but no more than your other boss pedals and you could like it this way), or if you can, go for an small input buffer with a footswitch and two outs, one direct, one for the tuner.  
For the plugs , have a look on the online catalogs of electronics (mouser?)or ask your local music shop to see if they have what you are looking for.
10/22/2004 4:37 PM

Thanks for the posts.  
I think I will go with the Godlyke power all, as it seems just the right thing for me. I have seen the newer digital power supply, but don't know anything about it.  
I A/b'd the Petersen Strobostomp vs. the Boss TU-2. The Petersen is way more accurate, but I wonder if can see it on a dark stage? The accuracy of the strobestomp just beats the tar out of any other tuner I have tried to date.  
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