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Here's what I'm thinking of building next.

2/3/2004 4:52 PM
Humbucker Here's what I'm thinking of building next.
I'm thinking of putting together a 2-knob ToneBender and use a toggle switch to bypass the first gain stage to give me a FuzzFace for variety. I know the values of some of the resistors and capacitors are different in those two pedals but I might tune that with pots and trimpots. That way you could go from FuzzFace to ToneBender depending on how you tweak the controls. That kind of sounds like a cool way of getting more mileage out of one pedal.  
BTW, I built Joe Gagan's (experimenter's) EZface and I added a third gain stage like on the GTFuzz and I can switch that in and out of the circuit with a toggle switch and it is very versatile. I tried it out against the fuzz in the FoxRox Captain Coconut II at the local music store and it held up really well IMHO and is way more versatile. So I was quite happy with the results of this homemade fuzzbox. What a rewarding hobby!
2/3/2004 9:08 PM
Me too
I've been wanting to do a Rangemaster/Fuzzface 2-in-1 combo for a long time! The only thing I've been having trouble deciding is just how much control to give. I could have each effect individually selectable or have the Rangemaster act only as a boost to the Fuzzface. And whether to allow input trimming (for clean-boost tones) on each side, as well as adjustable input capacitors for both, etc. Or maybe just have one input section with the input trim and adjustable input capacitor which feeds both circuits. Or have two different input cap settings and let the 'fatter' setting act as a boost mode. Allow the user to select which circuit comes first? How? Via a Captain-Coconut routing scheme or simply use a toggle switch to reverse their order? Allow each to be on or off individually, or have an A/B/Y setup? Then, of course, you also need a bypass; so that's 3 stomp switches, one toggle switch, and, like 7 f-ing knobs... :) Hahaha Ok ok, I know... prioritize, simplify, dumb down.
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