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Re: I Don't Get It

1/1/2004 4:01 AM
Re: I Don't Get It
Yea I understand what your saying...I just  
let customers requests drive that units  
construction....and wanted to make sure  
not to just do another boost pedal as  
the market is saturated with them already.  
On the topic of an ultra-wah....well I never  
got all the noise I wanted out of the circuit,  
it was tabled for that reason and we've since  
moved on in the R&D to other pedals of interest.  
Thanks for asking....I try to keep the  
R&D page updated best I can on our site: Stop by and take a look,  
we post the new stuff were working on.  
Take it easy Mark.
2/24/2004 7:02 PM

Why don't you make it go to 11?
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