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Getting started

10/18/2004 12:37 AM
Getting started
Hello all,  
i have never constructed a pedal before, but would like to. ive looked at a couple fuzz face schematics and have decided they look easy, and i will prolly go for one of those. Any sugestions on a good starter website? im not to keen on reading schematics either. One direct question is this....on a potometer it has the three contacts but im not sure what is what in the schematic (is it like a diagram of the pot shaft up or shaft down?) Also how can i get supplies for these(i live in dallas)? i checked out the local radioshack and i couldnt hardly find anything (germanium?) any input would be loved!!!  
10/18/2004 1:11 AM

Sorry and one other thing i dont know how to wire is the ont know what poles are inputs and outputs or the use for multiple poles for each thing if that makes sense
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