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MN3008 BBD Chip in Small Clone

10/5/2004 11:24 PM
Alvaro Salinas
MN3008 BBD Chip in Small Clone
Can i use a MN3008 2048 Stage BBD. in the small clone desing=?.  
Do i have to change the CLOCK circuit?
10/7/2004 3:41 PM
Mark Hammer

You CAN use an MN3008 in a Small Clone clone, though its 14-pin size means it cannot fit into the board layout posted at Tonepad.  
The fact that it has 2048 stages rather than 1024 means that you will have to double the clock rate in order to achieve the same delay range as the Small Clone. Doing this involves cutting the value of the cap on pin 1 of the CD4047 in half; from 150pf to 75pf.  
You *could* just accept the increased delay time, but it would sound different than a Small Clone, and the amount of "pitch wobble" produced might be severe enough that the depth switch won't make it go away.
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