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Craig Anderton's Volume Pedal

9/4/2004 7:33 PM
John Fisher
Craig Anderton's Volume Pedal
I build the Craig Anderton volume pedal that controls the volume without the scratch pot effect.  
It works very good in that respect and the effect of the volume up or down is fairly linial.  
The only thing that I don't like about it is that it is pretty noisy. If the volume is down you don't hear the noise of coarse but when the volume is up it's pretty noisy to where it is almost unacceptable even playing live.  
Humm! What should I do about it if anything?  
Thanks for any help with this.  
John Fisher
9/5/2004 2:52 PM
John, I too built that project years ago and abandoned it because of the noise !  
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9/7/2004 5:05 PM
Mark Hammer

It IS a nice scratch-free retrofit but in some applications the 70db S/Nratio claimed is simply insufficiently quiet.  
Here's a suggestion to get the best of both worlds.  
Use a dual-ganged pot, with one half wired up as per usual in the circuit and the other half wired up like a passive treble cut control on a guitar at the output of the circuit (i.e., cap and variable resistor in series going to ground). So, as you increase the volume, you also let more treble signal pass to the output, and as you pull back on the volume, you roll off the hiss a bit.  
Make sense?  
Expect to experiment a bit with the cap values and maybe even a bit with the taper of the pot. In principle, though, it should work and make the pedal a little more liveable.
9/12/2004 5:35 PM
John Fisher

Mark, The noise does already diminish when the volume is down so that is not a problem but when it is up higher is when you hear it.  
I have to make sure that I have the pedal down when the music stops or everyone in the audience and the band all of a sudden have their heads turned to me.  
John Fisher
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