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Looking for an enclosure for footswitch?

8/3/2004 11:02 AM
Looking for an enclosure for footswitch?
Basically the channel switching mechanism on my boogie mark iii isn't too great. It requires three seperate pedals. Not too ideal. I want to build a custom footswitch that has 4 buttons with LEDs and three jacks. I looked into having one built, and the quote was really steep ($225!). I figure I can build one for $50 tops. I've rewired my guitars fine, so this shouldn't be out of my league.  
I apologize for these questions, because I'm sure you get asked these alot--I'm new around here.  
1: Where is the best place to get an enclosure for this. It just needs to fit 4 LEDS/swtiches, and three jacks. What do you reccomend?  
2: Is there a schematic for a single footswitch w/ LED somewhere?  
3: I'd like to make it so all 4 switches draw off the same battery for power. How would I do this?  
Thanks so much!
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