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ZVex schematics?

11/16/2002 12:09 PM
georg f.
ZVex schematics?
anyone got schematics of ZVex' Fuzz Factory or Wooly Mammouth?  
been searching for quite some time...  
have a nice day :)
11/16/2002 2:20 PM
Chris Winsemius ( CMW amps )
ZVex does visit Ampage too and he's such a cool guy and does have a small business it's "not done" to ask for such info ( not to offend you in anyway ! ) .  
have a nice weekend !  
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11/17/2002 4:30 PM
With all due respect, but once I read a post by Z. Vex on Aron's forum and was amazed how rude one can get. We got to see some very, very bad language comming from Z. Vex. If that's our hero, then...  
On the other hand, Mr. Vex, if that was someone impersonating You, please do accept my apologies.  
The reply was on a post by some guy who wanted to be pointed to a pedal which would make his amp 'scream'.  
I do not support sharing schematics designed by Mr. Vex or others trying to earn their bread designing unique circuits. This was simply a character issue.  
Marko M.
11/17/2002 4:41 PM
Chris Winsemius ( CMW amps )

Hi MM  
I fully agree with you .  
I did reply to Georges' posting 'cause I do know a couple of "boutigue/small-business" builders who did experience bad things because of schematics on the internet .  
To be honest : I really want to know every circuit ( and used parts , ha ha ) but you've to respect guys who are working very hard to make their tone-demanding customers at least 100% happy , pay their bills and feed their wifes , kids and pets .  
I've never seen a "not very nice" posting from Zach. over here on Ampage but sometimes everybody can be moody .....  
12/10/2002 1:25 AM
Seems to me that cloning anything would violate somebody somewhere along the line. Are you suggesting that it's OK to do it to everybody else but Zach?  
Also, has Zach ever cloned anyone else's effects? Maybe built a fuzz face clone somewhere along the line?  
I'm not an expert on copyrights and patents, but what is the law on these things? Maybe that's where to start instead of saying Zachs a good guy so we don't clone his stuff.  
12/10/2002 5:13 PM

Here's a really basic synopsis:  
We generally find that most guitar effects are either obvious extensions of existing technology or simply combinations of earlier published circuits.  
Which brings us back to "Zach's a good guy so we don't clone his stuff".
12/10/2002 7:59 PM
Stephen Giles Cloning
It's a hard world out there today. I think it's fair to say that the bottom line profit of companies like Roland and Ibanez would not be affected by people like us cloning their products. However, guys trading on their own, whose very livelyhood depends on selling the product which they have designed could have their earnings noticably reduced by cloning, purely because of small sales volumes. discussion really, lets be decent about this. Now, anyone who can clone a Boss PH3 deserves a medal!
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