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Taming Volume

9/9/2004 12:18 PM
Taming Volume
For gigs, is there a preferred way to tame the volume of the louder 2x6L6 tweed amps but still retain power amp crunch ? Some of the great amps are way too loud for us ordinary mortals who don't play stadiums.  
Possible options are i) drop B+ voltage using zeners ii) switch rectifier tube iii) pull a speaker out of a multi-speaker setup (impedance issues aside) or iv) use a variable load dump.  
I suppose one other way might be to build a 5F4 in a 1X12 or 2x10 format and then use an extension cab when the going gets tough.  
The ideal scenario would be to have a Deluxe, a Super and an LP Twin or Bassman, but I don't have the room or the money ! Any views ?
9/9/2004 1:00 PM
I've been using the MASS by Weber on my 5E3. It's great for playing at lower volumes and retaining the crunch of a turned up amp.  
9/9/2004 2:05 PM

I am going to get one for home use with my 5E3, but i didn't know whether they were tough enough for gigging with.
9/9/2004 2:53 PM
Al Lang

Try using a 12Ax7 in first stage, also try some Russian 5881s or 6L6s that are soft (break-up sooner). Maybe a Groove Tube early break-up number. Al
9/9/2004 3:14 PM

Thanks Al. Hadn't thought of that.  
9/10/2004 1:51 PM
Jammin' John

Put JJ 6v6's in & rebias & unhook one speaker.  
Use a load dump.  
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