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Fender twin reverb issues

7/10/2004 7:52 PM
Fender twin reverb issues
I have a lovely fender 100 watt 2x12 twin. I played it for alittle while and enjoyed it very much so, especialy the reverb. However, when i took it to band practice and set it up, i could't seem to get the reverb to work at all. I tried 1/4 power, full power, with or without the footswitch. I tried everything i could think of, but no luck. The only thing i can think of that i didn't try then was that i was also running it to an extra 4x12 as a monitor for the rest of the band to hear me (not because of volume, but because of direction. If you're infront of it, you can hear it noooo problem). I played with it at home and got the reverb to work fine.  
Anyone have any ideas?  
Also, when it does work, i get insane amounts of feedback. I tried standing away from the amp and what not and it still has it even while i'm playing. Any ideas on that one? THank you very much.  
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