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Nailing the P90

2/14/2004 10:03 PM
Jabs Nailing the P90
There's a lot of discussion about the P90, the design and sound of which I'm admittedly ignorant. I occupy myself turning cruddy Strat knock-offs into useable pickups.  
When someone says "SRV", EVERYONE can hear that sound in his head.  
What about the P90? What artist could I listen to whose sound just screams "P90!"?
2/14/2004 11:45 PM
George Thoroughgood has the P-90 sound. Some early Chuck Berry, Who, I think GreenDay had a record that they called "a P-90 record". If I could only have one pickup, it'd be a P-90 by the bridge.
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2/15/2004 1:26 AM
Jason Lollar

The thing about P-90's is most guitar players anymore have never used them, an almost obscure pickup that has gained in popularity over the last 5 or 6 years.  
Steve Marriot of Humble Pie, Gatemouth Brown, its really tough to find a very popular artist that used them for thier signature tone that everyone would recognise.  
The P-90 was slammed for so long possibly starting in the early 70's because IMO everyone was going to humbuckers and light gauge strings and P-90's can be noisy in certain circumstances.  
Great pickup design, the very first pickup I ever made back in the late 70's and have probably made more of those than any other type which would be for two reasons, one I really like them so i always promoted them and 2 the word got out so many people associate me with that pickup.
2/15/2004 1:57 AM
Just thought of another one - it might be a P-90 in Mississippi Queen. I think Leslie West played a LP Jr or LP Special on that.
2/15/2004 3:01 AM
Dave Stephens
Jeez, what a bunch of rockers you guys are. My favorite P90 user is Junior Watson, and there's Nick Currin who's also great. Don't forget early Freddie King too. P90s are big in the Portland blues scene.....Dave
2/15/2004 2:53 AM

I saw one of those "storyteller" shows or some such thing with John Fogerty. He played "Born On The Bayou" using a Gold Top with P-90's and a JTM-45. The sounds was classic Fogerty. I'll bet a lot of the Creedence sound was P-90.
2/15/2004 5:42 AM
Fred Hammon

"What artist could I listen to whose sound just screams "P90!"  
Carlos Santana's SG at Woodstock '69. I would assume that would go for his 1st album as well.
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