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Rick 4001 pickups

5/2/2003 4:11 AM
Rick 4001 pickups
I have to rewind a rick 4001 pickup. how many turns would you suggest and what size wire. thanks
5/2/2003 6:05 PM
Dr. Strangelove
The guitar 'toaster' pickups were used unchanged on the 4001 neck at one time, the specs are the same:  
#44 wire wound out to 7.0-7.5k DC resistance  
That's 2900 feet of wire, roughly 5800 winds on a toaster bobbin.  
The average toaster bobbin circumferance is 6 inches, an estimate that errs on the high side since Rick magnet rods are big, 1/4" dia instead of the 3/16" Fender style.  
I'll put up some Toaster bobbin measurements tonight so Yves can crunch the numbers better for us.  
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5/3/2003 1:39 AM

I should have posted that I need the specs on the bridge pickup on the 4001 bass let me know if anyone has the specs on that. Thanks
5/4/2003 1:21 AM
Greg Simon

Hello. I had a '73 Rickenbacker bass that I sold about 6 months ago. The bridge pickup was blown when I got it and so I had it rewound by TV Jones about 7 years ago. If I recall correctly, he wound it to around 9.5k and I think it was 44 gauge, though I could be wrong. you may want to track him down. I could measure the pickup on my current 4003 and tell you what it is if you would like me to? I will be going up to see Wolfe Macleod of Wolfetone pickups within a month and he should be able to take a look at it and tell what wire was used, etc.  
The one TV Jones did for me was a great match for the neck pickup and sounded very nice.  
If the pickup you need to rewind is the horseshoe one, then the specs on that will be different, and if it is one from the 60's I believe they have cobalt magnets also.  
Hope that helps?  
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