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Is it true that Leo Fender couldn't play the guitar?

9/13/2002 2:34 PM
Is it true that Leo Fender couldn't play the guitar?
Is it ?  
If it's true then there's hope for me too in making great pickups.  
9/13/2002 3:30 PM
Chris B
I think that I read that somewhere too. He used to ask famous players on the time to try out his gear and give him some feedback, which is a good business practice, IMO.  
Of course, he must have had great ears too! :)  
Chris B
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9/13/2002 6:04 PM

It is true. Leo coulnd't play a lick.  
9/14/2002 1:50 AM

Yes... apparently he used a guy called 'Speedy' (cant remeber the last name) to give a guitarist observations and advice on the guitar. Dick Dale claims that he advised Leo Fender exactly how fender amps should be (they were designed FOR Dick Dale!?!, so he reckons)  
dont know if the above info is true; I remeber reading it though.  
9/20/2002 4:39 AM

Are there documentary films about this guy or a Hollywood Movie ( which always show how it really was ).  
This guy is amazing !  
What an innovator !  
9/19/2002 8:34 PM
Stefaan Van Slycken

Dick Dale advised designing the dual showman - if i'm not mistaken. He blew the speakers of all his previous fender amps, so he wanted leo to make something that could withstand his playing style. Legend has it - i believe - that leo made quite a few amps (50 as i recall:???) before dick was satisfied and the speakers were no longer blown...  
At least, that's the legend... and that's what dale says himself... was in some fender frontline magazine...  
I guess something like that is on his site too, or something.  
9/21/2002 6:41 AM
Dick would say something like, "Dick Dale blows out so many speakers because Dick Dale plays so loud. Dick Dale also plays so fast that the saddles on Dick Dale's strat heated up, turned purple because Dick Dale changed the molecular structure of the metal in the saddles. Also Dick Dale's bandmates know what to play and when otherwise they know Dick Dale will punch them. Especially Dick Dale's bass player, if his bass doesn't sound like a bass drum all the time, boom! boom!, ohhh. Anyway, Dick Dale had to advise Leo Fender on the Dual Showman, because Dick Dale kept blowing speakers. Dick Dale went through something over 50 prototypes before Fender could design an amp that could tolerate Dick Dale's style."  
Anyone know of other third person speakers?  
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