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Re: Let's get America working again

7/18/2003 9:19 PM
nic Re: Let's get America working again
Sounds horrible, but it still bewilders me that WE KNEW at NORAD that there were 4 jets out there. No jets scrambled to intercept. I really feel uncomfortable having jets flying over our cities, it is spooky. But in that horrible case that I wish people would get over and continue to live unterrorized I think the breach in security was not at our borders rather how we are supposed to respond to this militarily. This could have happened even if the terrorists lived outside of the US. Such a poor response would never happen at the operator center for a major website if a large percentage of the site is down... Instead of sleeping on the job the appropriate people would have been woken up and responded immediately instead of not responding at all.  
7/18/2003 10:54 PM
The breach was at our borders. We can't respond to everything militarily that remotely looks like a terrorist attack because then we'd be shooting down our own planes. Securing our borders better is one practical solution.  
Also, Bush did nothing wrong in how he responded to 9/11. He handled it as good as any other president would. I don't believe in conspiracy theories that say the US gvt had full knowledge of an impending terrorist attack. I think the CIA has probably had knowledge of 1000's terrorist attacks over the past few years that never happened. As good as they are, it's often beyond them to know what is real and what is not.
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7/19/2003 10:48 AM
I said nothing about Bush. I like that guy. He is a bit too simple for the position is in, but I think he is okay. I am not talking about conspiracies. I am talking about F-16's escorting 4 recalled non-responding planes to land. "Tip the wing" as they do in the movies.  
7/18/2003 3:47 PM
Nice try nic. Are you a stinking liberal? The majority of immigrants here are not taking ag jobs. Get enlightened. Never forget that it was a bunch of foriegners living on American soil that crashed those airliners into those skyscrapers on 9/11.  
I know this is probably not in your blood, but say it anyways:  
AMERICANS FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7/18/2003 9:28 PM
Gosh why do we feed into your bottom dwelling? If all you have is a "Liberal Lashing" it is not gonna get that far. Intellegent people realize that human politics are much more complex than Liberal and Conservatism. I am neither, I am both. Who cares if the people flying the jets lived in the US. Who cares if they worked as pizza drivers while attending school? I would not have been supporting terror if I had tipped him $2 for being on time. As far as I know they had no jobs. You can twist your perspective all you want and paint me the liberal. Your original post was only talking about employment. Typical attempt to redirect attention away from the fact that your original platform was full of holes.  
7/18/2003 10:57 PM
Me, a bottom dweller? You're the guy not supporting US labor. And you call me a bottom dweller? Get real.
7/19/2003 10:45 AM
I pay taxes.
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