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Let's get America working again

7/18/2003 2:35 AM
anon Let's get America working again
Let's give all jobs in America to US citizens only. It's hell being in the unemployment line when foriegners take American jobs from US citizens.
7/18/2003 3:09 AM
I am sorry did you wanna work 12+ hour days for agriculture wages? We'd be paying $5/orange without these hard working non-US-citizens. How about that bed that is made up for you at that hotel, we ? Or the plate that was washed before and after you ate from it? These are hard tedious duties to preform. I'd rather not have them as the only job offerings.  
Our ecconomy sucks, it was fine a couple years ago and we even had non-citizens working here. It is bound to get worse as laws dictating how much we have to be paid for our hours are loosened. Fewer folks will be needed cause they can already overwork the guy with the job.  
It is a shortcut to thinking to blame legal/illeagal immagrants. I'd say the folks we should be blaming are the types that open a POBox in Bermuda, thus virtually relocating corporate HQ to a tax haven, meanwhile enjoying the saftey paid for by the blood, sweat, and lives of our young service people. Not to mention the average US citizens' tax dollar being stretched to support the infrastructure that these businesses utilize daily. Even worse is the government(s) that supports and are propped up by them.  
Good for you if your family did not come here on a boat. Mine did over 100 years ago, as did most. I have no rich people in my family, my second generation immigrant great-grandparents enjoy paying $50/ 2 ounces of glaucoma eye drops every week on a fixed income that they worked their German behinds off for at a steel plant in Cumberland, Maryland. The only thing my Great-Grandfather has as a retirement piece from them is the I-Beam he snagged from the plant when it was being demolished. That beam supports his modest home he built with his bare hands.  
Point being made? It has been, it is, and will continue to be that America is really built by those with little or no voice, who are willing to work for barely enough to support their families. All they hope for is that their children have it better.
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7/18/2003 11:07 AM

Nic, you're right about the corporate greed and govt., but forgetting something. Illegals also put a strain on our system in many ways. Overwhelming our medical care system (those of us who are paying ever-increasing insurance rates are paying for those who get free care at the local "General Hospital".) Granted, not all are illegals, but why are any illegals getting any public benefits. Oh,'s so we don't have to pay $5 for an orange. Instead, we pay higher insurance and more taxes for dwindling choices in health-care and other services for the taxPAYER. Same goes for municipal services, etc., etc.  
Point is, until they change the system, "illegal" is "illegal". For more on the subject, read some letters to the editor at our local extreme left-wing rag,Westword. (They do have good music coverage.) Particularly "No just us" (aauurgh!). Pro and con Trancredo going on in these letters.  
Peronally, I've got nothing against ANY people coming to make a better life in the US. I do believe they need to follow the laws the same as everyone else, and try to be as productive as possible, (which is difficult when all our jobs are going overseas). Fewer jobs all around, exploding population.....hmmmm.  
7/18/2003 1:08 PM
Frank DeSalvo
Bob Dole, is that you?!?  
7/18/2003 1:42 PM

Naw Frank,  
Just a concerned "citizen" who believes in fairness for all. You may have missed the part about "until they change the system". Or maybe you thought my comment about "the far left-wing rag" was a slam. It's what it is...the exact opposite of that loudmouth Rush. I don't know the answers, but dialog about the questions shouldn't be lowered to a level that is beneath us all, I think. Until enough people examine the problems, and figure out the best to deal with them for the good of all, (not just special interests, or certain segments of society, or whatever), we'll just keep mucking ourselves up and making no real progress in the further declination of our society.  
Part of the problem with EVERYbody these days is that it's always somebody else's fault. Nobody takes responsibilty for being part of the problem, so how can anyone be part of the solution?  
7/18/2003 1:58 PM
Frank DeSalvo
Hehe, Brad1, I was messing around :D.  
I agree that people need to wake up and take personal responsibility for their actions and the shape the country is in.  
7/18/2003 4:01 PM
In other words, are you saying that an open border policy is good? In other words, are you saying that you don't object to the fact that foriegners came into our country to do terrible shit on 9/11?  
You liberals always amaze me. Americans are supposed to take responibility for themselves, but you never say anything about foriegners taking responsibility for themselves. Why don't you say that foriegners should bear the responsibility to find themselves a job on their own soil as well? Seems like you have a double standard that is grossly anti-American.  
Frank, I know it's hard for you to say this, but say it nice and loud anyways:  
AMERICANS FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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