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Re: interesting UK website

3/29/2003 2:17 AM
Glen H. Re: interesting UK website
[QUOTE]"We need a common enemy to unite us."  
-- Condoleeza Rice, March 2000[/QUOTE]  
From where did you quote this, Kursad?.  
Glen H.
3/29/2003 11:07 AM
Kursad K
Just search for "We need a common enemy to unite us." with altavista. Not many results will be returned, making me think "is this the truth or just propaganda?"  
BTW, this one is interesting  
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3/29/2003 11:41 AM
Rob J

--Just search for "We need a common enemy to unite us." with altavista. Not many results will be returned, making me think "is this the truth or just propaganda?"--  
It's quoted in the New York Times amongst other places, so I doubt it's propaganda.  
Besides which, it's pretty much a central plank of US Military-Industrial policy anyway. If Rice were to tell a little more of the truth she would say something like "we need to maintain a common enemy so that we can continue to divert public money to extremely rich hi-tech industries in the name of 'defence', and make people swallow it by routinely scaring the shit out of them with imagined/exaggerated bogeymen".  
It was Communism, then it was Drugs, now it's Terrorism/Islam. It'll always be something.  
3/29/2003 12:54 PM
stephen conner
Oh no another conspiracy theory
All this talk of shadowy cabals just dissipates peoples' energy from the real issue. Rich industrialised countries have conspired to keep developing countries in poverty as a source of cheap commodities and labour. The debt interest that they have to pay us is far greater than the value of all the aid we send over there. And we wonder why they don't like us.  
Steve C.
3/29/2003 1:08 PM
Kursad K
Most of those developing countries do not produce anything substantial. But if you have a conspiracy against China, that's another story:)  
ps. the biggest conspiracy of all is that there no conspiracies. I've just withnessed one 6 months (or so) ago, when our Bilderberg member ex-new Economy minister Kemal Dervis has toppled the government of the time together with the media's contribution!  
3/30/2003 2:34 AM
Glen H. Re: interesting UK website
The "stormtronic" site seems to be down.  
Can't connect via Netscape or IE.  
(thoughts of conspiracy enter my mind;))  
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