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anyone playing both piano and guitar?

12/17/2003 10:12 AM
Kursad K anyone playing both piano and guitar?
I've been trying to play electric guitar since a few years without much accomplishment. I havent been able to do much other than trying to play that cool solo in the beginning/middle of a song, and repeating the pentatonic scale a thousand times, and... eventually I have quit, and switched to another instument(piano), and within a few *months* I've made more progress than I could do with guitar in *years*. At least at long last I can play complete tunes, not just short solos. Perhaps that shouldn't be surprizing because unlike guitar piano is self-adequate (does not need accompaniment), and you can easily find precise notation of what you'll play instead of incomplete tabs and/or chords over lyrics and know exactly what to do instead of trying to figure out how to play a poorly notated (if at all) tune? What do you think?  
12/17/2003 1:38 PM
Steve Conner

I just started learning piano about 2 weeks ago. I'm still on the absolute beginners stuff, but it's great fun, and I swear it's improving my guitar playing too. Plus, it means I finally have to learn to read music.  
The reason I took it up was because I felt my guitar stuff had stagnated. I've been playing guitar for 15 years, since I was about 10 years old, and the last year or so, it felt like I was going nowhere.  
BTW- Guitar works fine without accompaniment. The classical guitar has been played as a solo instrument for hundreds of years.  
Steve C.
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12/17/2003 6:35 PM
Kursad K
"Plus, it means I finally have to learn to read music."
It seems impossible to learn to read at the rate of playing and memorizing notes takes a lot of time. That's a different kind of difficulty. With guitar the hard part of the job was to know how to play and the mechanical difficulty of playing itself. With piano these two are not a problem (or that has been my impression so far)- but even a short piece has so many notes to be memorized and playing with two hands makes that task difficult but at least that's the only difficulty that needs to be addressed.  
12/19/2003 10:30 AM
Steve Conner

"It seems impossible to learn to read at the rate of playing"
This is called sight reading, and many good musicians can actually do it. There are sight reading tests in the more advanced music exams.  
But if you spend a long time practicing a difficult piece of music, you will probably remember a lot of it, and be able to play it without really looking at the music too much.
1/6/2004 6:14 AM

actually, i'm fairly well known for playing guitar and piano. also tried hitting a drum and/or cymbal with my head,....but i chipped my tooth on the harmonica wired around my neck. i found that "walking" bass lines weren't too difficult, with my left foot, but i sprained my other ankle half-way thru "maple leaf rag", dropped my custom PRS on a spectator and went sky-diving,..lots safer.
12/17/2003 2:56 PM
You might be the next Eddie Van Halen!
12/17/2003 6:58 PM
Love Hippie
You said:  
"What do you think?  
Me says:  
I think you are a misunderstood genius that is just starting to realize that you have the potential to take over the world by a storm given your supernatural piano powers.  
- Love Hippie (The Caring Person)
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