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Political Compass test

12/16/2003 9:49 PM
Political Compass test  
If you take the test, there will be an x-y grid you land on. I mapped to the same place as Jean Chretien. What does that mean?
12/16/2003 10:31 PM
Peter Snow
It means you are all washed up! Chretien just reliquished his post as prime minister of Canada in favour of Paul Martin :)  
Good day, eh,  
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12/17/2003 4:35 AM
jaysg hoser, eh!
12/17/2003 5:46 PM
Mark Hammer

Nah, just means you talk a little bit more out of the left side of your mouth than the right side. :)  
I was quite surprised to find myself superimposed precisely above Nelson Mandela (-6.1/-3.1). Though I have some qualms about the survey methodology, I'm genuinely flattered and also a little taken aback by the sheer irony. In 1960, when I was 7 or 8, and my mom sent me to the store to buy fruit, she used to tell me to be sure not to buy stuff from South Africa because she did not like "the way they treat black people". I don't think she realized just exactly how formative those boycott requests were! Weird, huh?  
I took this thing once before a while back with what I believe was a slightly different set of questions and am still as much of a flaming radical as I was then, or as someone on another thread called me, "a liberal". If the government that employs me only knew.
12/17/2003 6:43 PM
Love Hippie
You said:  
"I was quite surprised to find myself superimposed precisely above Nelson Mandela"  
Me says:  
Yeah, that pretty much confirms it: LIBERAL. Looks like a definite pattern is emerging. More than a single observation of liberal tendencies.  
- Love Hippie (The Caring Person)
12/17/2003 11:33 AM
Cripes! I plopped on the Dalai Lamas square. I've been a Buddhist for 30 years.Coincidence or a good test?
12/18/2003 12:10 AM

What does it mean?  
Not much...  
Don't worry! :)  
The questions are loaded... specifically, to force the test taker as a minimum.. to agree or disagree with a question that may be currently an "issue" topic, rather than a absolute.  
Notice that the folks who developed this little quiz.. do not give credence to Anglo political thinkers.. Jefferson, Adams,et al..  
Basically the test will group you into what ever is the political landscape de jour is to define left or right.  
My results placed me as a "Thatcherite"..  
Hee heeee  
take care Jay  
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