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Technician forums/discussion groups

9/23/2003 7:08 AM
Technician forums/discussion groups
NEbody got a few good sites on technician forums, discussion groups, message boards, etc???? Most I have found want a "subscription" 4 free that costs something. I know there has 2 B sites that we techs can exchange repair tips and help ideas 2 each other.
9/23/2003 7:35 AM

Well we do exactly that here. Click on the "more" button if you have not done that. Are you looking for more amp stuff or are you interested in other areas of electronics. I know there are some consumer electronics discussions, and I used to participate in a coin-op amusment site.  
By the way, nothing personal, but the cute abbreviations such as NEbody and there has 2 B are really annoying - right in there with typing in all caps - leave it to the chat rooms.
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