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The BIG Four - Oh

7/25/2003 1:31 PM
giustd The BIG Four - Oh
Turning 40 today, cut me in half and count the rings.  
Does this mean I can't play rock and roll anymore, have to stop ogling young girls, and drink sasparilla instead of beer?  
ooh, the downward spiral...
7/25/2003 1:47 PM

You should live your life always as YOU see fit. Drink, screw or whatever  
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7/25/2003 1:59 PM
Mark Hammer

Nope. None of that has to change. What it does mean is that you now get to trade jokes with other guys about "the prostate exam". ;)  
In most research looking at subjective age, people in the retirement age range get asked "How old do you feel?" Typically, if they feel like warmed over droppings and their life has gone to hell,, they will say they feel their own age or older. If they are healthy, fit, financially comfortable, and everything else is going their way (including we assume, certain "things" going up), they tend to say they feel in their early 40's. Given that these folks have often seen at least one and a half times more life than that, and also have the choice to say they feel 20 without being laughed at, we can safely assume that they see this period as the crossroads of a lot of good things in their lives.  
So rejoice, you're in the "magic zone". You wouldn't stroll through a gallery with a blindfold on, or go to a concert with your ears plugged. Find the special things about this age and go for them with gusto!  
Happy birthday.
7/25/2003 3:38 PM

back home in my country life begins at 65 . . .  
7/25/2003 3:37 PM
Stefaan Van Slycken

two words: Rolling Stones  
they're 500 years old & still R&R!!  
7/25/2003 3:46 PM

Have you seen robert plant lately? he didn´t age well. His blood pressure must be 300 over 250 as his eyes seem ready to blow out of his skull.
7/25/2003 8:19 PM
That's supposed to make me feel better KT? ;)  
I feel pretty good for my age and have been told I look a lot younger than my age. I'm milking that one as long as I can.  
It's a number, it's here, tomorrow's another day, get on with it.  
I'll be in front of a beer in 45 minutes so everything's fine.
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