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Re: One other thought, if I may.

6/21/2003 6:51 AM
Steve A.
Re: One other thought, if I may.
    As you said in your first post: "Gig night is not jam night." You have put together a set of well-rehearsed numbers and that is what the people are paying to see.  
    Back in the 70's Elvin Bishop used to sit in with a local blues/R&B band, Lucky Strike, playing rhythm guitar all night long. I think he considered it to be a refreshing break from his own tours. But he was sitting in as a special guest, not just walking on stage and taking over the show.  
    Good luck in your dealings with Jerkwad at your next gig!  
Steve Ahola
6/18/2003 11:17 PM
Alvin Maiden Re: Update! Follow-up.
Each band member needs to stand behind the band IMO. I don't know about you, but rehersing and learning new songs can be a lot of work. Maybe I'm just not gifted in this area, but it does involve work for me. The payoff is the excitement of the gig. In all honesty nobody has ever paid me enough to make me want to play for the money. I'm obviously in the small leagues, but if I work with the band to get something going that people will spend a few hours listening to, than I and my fellow band members should be respected enough not to have to put up with interlopers.  
Bottom line: Tell the dude to get his own band. He needs to pay the cost before he can be the boss.
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6/20/2003 4:55 AM
Re: What happens when your gig turns into a jam? (Long)
The next time ________ (nationaly known band) plays in your town, what would be the chance of YOU getting up on stage and jamming?  
Take the same approach with "buddy".
6/20/2003 4:38 PM
If your gig turns into a long jam, then you know you are in the Grateful Dead.
6/21/2003 12:07 PM
it's ALL your fault and YOUR responsibility.  
Nobody takes my guitar, Nobody. Once you hand over your lost. Dude, you have ALL the power, then you gave it should examine your self esteem.
6/22/2003 6:35 AM
Joe king

"you should examine your self esteem."  
I don't think so. I sounds to me like Humbucker was being congenial and polite. How could he know this bozo is totalay self absorbed with zero social skills?
6/22/2003 5:18 PM
Mark Lavelle

you should examine your control issues
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