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Re: What happens when your gig turns into a jam? (Long)

6/16/2003 5:16 PM
Arn C.
Re: What happens when your gig turns into a jam? (Long)
Oh man, you are not the only one that gets jerks coming up to the stage. I could tell you numerous stories. One specific one: this guy(totally trashed) kept coming up between songs and tried to get us to let him up for a song. I kept telling him that we couldn't let him and could you please leave the stage, we are getting paid to entertain. He just couldn't seem to get the picture. I had alerted the bouncers to this during our first break. And I am glad I did. He decided to come up and ask again, this time during a song and he knocked over my mic and stand, popping the end off my mic. Again, thanks to the bouncers being there, they escorted the gentleman out and barred him from the place. (I wouldn't have been that easy on him, if I would have got a hold of him first!) But, better for me, the bar patrons didn't have to see a guitar player whoop the sh*t out of a total AHOLE.  
This is only one of the many instances. And yes we have dealt with the "One hit wonders" also. Sing one or two songs fantastically and steal the show. That doesn't happen to us any longer. No one wants to work for 3 to 4 hours and have someone come up and steal the show and make you look like an ameteur. And like someone said above. Hmmmm Wonder why they don't join a band????????  
Good luck and hang on to your own guitar. Unless you are rich and can afford people messing with your gear, DON'T !  
Arn C.
6/17/2003 7:30 PM
bob predaina
"Again, thanks to the bouncers being there, they escorted the gentleman out and barred him from the place. "
its great for the band to develop a good relationship with the bouncers. ;)
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6/17/2003 7:58 PM
Le Basseur
"its great for the band to develop a good relationship with the bouncers"
Agree,but the bouncers NEED to have some brains,though....don't forget the stupid death of Jaco Pastorius!:(
6/16/2003 5:51 PM

A performer I know plays a weekday gig where a local blues *legend* who is somewhat down-and-out occasionally shows up *when available* and wants to do a tune or two, then pass the hat afterward for a few bucks. veritably leading the band and if it weren't for the band's extra attention to tightness he would lead them astray more often than not.  
A very energetic and to some more entertaining than average vocalist and player who is sometimes well tuned also.  
One time he showed up empty-handed (smelled like he had his dirty laundry with him though) and borrowed my friend's Les Paul. I cringed. Well I guess if something went wrong I would have to fix it.  
Afterward when he came to our table collecting tip money I had to inform him that I would just have to wait until some other time when he brought his own guitar, then I would make it worth his while.  
He's come around a few more times when I was there, always bringing an instrument now, some fairly nicely set up ones for inexpensive models. Definitely made it worth his while. I think he's got a friend in the luthier business and things are looking up.  
6/16/2003 7:23 PM
I've had drunken idiot clowns grabbing mics and just singing/blaring along, request to sit in, request to play between sets, request to sing songs that we don't know then get bent because we don't know their favorite tune, try to get my attention and yell at me with requests WHILE I'M SINGING (how fuckin drunk and stupid do you have to be to do this) etc...  
One night 2 or 3 drunken momos came in and knocked over the keyboard, then kept walking, laughing all the way. They never even turned around.  
Karma is a bitch, it'll find them.
6/18/2003 10:52 PM
Update! Follow-up.
First of all I want to thank everybody out there for their input. Thanks for the encouraging words! I was kind of expecting to get lambasted with accusations of being a whiner.  
I should give a little bit of an update here. I spoke to my bass player about my feelings and he agreed that our friend overdid it the other night and that we just won't invite him up again.  
He didn't seem to have an issue with it. I was expecting him to be rather surprised with my view point. I guess I didn't give the guy enough credit. But it should be interesting at our next gig because buddy will more than likely be there in the shadows waiting to make his grand performance. Our bass player feels he sort of owes this guy something, I guess. I'll have to make sure that nobody caves in to this guy's demands, I could see that happening because talk is cheap. We'll see what happens.  
The main problem with our band is that there's no out-and-out band leader so we just kind of go with the flow and nobody's really at the helm.  
We've had a few dealings in the past with this same guitar dude and we we're led to believe that this one gig that we'd do with him and his band would be free but the band members and their wives would get free drinks and each a meal compliment of the bar in question, well guess what?  
When we got there the guitar dude basically ignored us while he partied with his entourage and left us to fend for ourselves and we had to basically go mooch what we were promised from the bar owner, man....everything that we've done with this guy has left us feeling screwed. I guess it's time we woke up!
6/18/2003 11:12 PM
One other thought, if I may.
I don't want to give the impression that I'm an expert guitarist either but a I am a bit better than this guy and I'm well rehearsed with my band in the songs that we've chosen to play, so it's tight. This other guy is just winging it, and he's high on himself.  
Plus this switching band members mid-set just takes the momentum out of the show, IMO. Kind of blows the energy.  
While I'm thinking about it, it's always ticked me off when I've paid to see a local blues band(for example) that has a great guitar player only to find that there's this loser that's brought his harp or guitar or whatever to sit in all night!  
There's a couple of times that this one harp player overplayed (loudly) throughout the whole night, taking most of the solos and soloing/whaling during the vocals and this guy was a really sad harp player to boot. BTW, the guitar player was awesome although we never got to hear him most of the night. This really bugs me.  
So yeah, it even ticks me off when it's somebody elses gig.
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