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6/12/2003 12:54 PM
caffeine head Zep DVD
Having fun watching the new Led Zeppelin 2-DVD set. I've only sampled disk 1 so far; the Danish TV segment, with Page on Telecaster, is terrific. There are some useful lessons here on adding dynamics and drama to your playing, for those who perform electric guitar solos in public, as I do occasionally.
6/12/2003 1:21 PM
A Colman

Amazing isn't it?I got the 3 CD live set also.  
For people who wonder what Page is all about,listen and watch Since I've been loving you.  
By the way,last night I went to see Ozzy in Toronto's Air Canada Centre..what a show!!.  
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6/12/2003 4:22 PM
I used to be a big Zep head when I was a kid, and JPs playing is great (even his sloppy stuff!). Now, other than the first couple three records, Plant's voice just irritates me. I heard the Rain Song the other day and thought, wow, what cool guitar parts. Then..."I had a dream" Groooooaaaaaannnnn!!!!!!  
Earlier on Plants voice was more robust.How much early stuff is on those DVDs?
6/12/2003 7:37 PM

The first DVD is ALL early stuff; very rough in parts, too. Starts out with some old stuff from the post-New Yardbirds era, then some good acoustic stuff too. Plant's voice is still amazing there with his ability to create polyphonic harmonies from his straining but stout vocal chords, a feature missing from all post-Led Zeppelin IV recordings. The second DVD starts with a great rendition of The Immigrant Song, but you'd probably hate the way Plant draws out the siren-call intro, making it lag instead of doing it like the recording. The instruments and the rest of the vocals on that song all ROCK though. It then immediately switches gears to some Song Remains the Same footage; either stuff that didn't make it to the movie or was all screwed up in the movie version. Best guitar tone ever, IMO. Perfectly clear video of course. Then the 2nd DVD finishes up with a 1979 concert in which Jimmy Page competely soaks himself with sweat and finishes up the show in a fresh shirt. They still had an amazing amount of energy in those later days. It's fun to watch Pagey noodle on the whammy bar of his Strat on In the Evening.
6/13/2003 12:10 PM
Stephen Giles
Does it feature "The Train Kept a Rollin"?
6/13/2003 4:14 PM

Led Zeppelin DVD  
Track list:  
Disc 1  
We're Gonna Groove/ I Can't Quit You Babe/ Dazed And Confused/ White Summer/ What Is And What Should Never Be/ The Ocean/ How Many More Times/ Moby Dick/ Whole Lotta Love/ Communication Breakdown/ C'mon Everybody/ Something Else/ Bring It On Home  
Disc 2  
Immigrant Song/ Black Dog/ Misty Mountain Hop/ Since I've Been Loving You/ Going To California/ That's The Way/ Bron-Y-Aur Stomp/ In My Time Of Dying/ Trampled Underfoot/ Stairway To Heaven/ Rock And Roll/ Nobody's Fault But Mine/ Sick Again/ Achilles Last Stand/ In The Evening/ Kashmir/ Whole Lotta Love
6/13/2003 4:30 PM
Stephen Giles
Blast - I have a fondness for that number.
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