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Old russian tube radio

5/26/2003 12:50 PM
Old russian tube radio
Hello! My name is Janar, i come from estonia, and i have a little problem. I have a radio, russian Ural112, and i would like to tune it from ull to fm band. Im not very experienced, so if any one can help me i would be very grateful.  
I hope that you understand me and help me.  
5/26/2003 4:04 PM
Mark Lavelle

Welcome, Janar. Unfortunately, most of us here are focused on guitar amplifiers (although there are a few radio lovers, too). If you can't find radio-specific sites maybe you could contact the guy at  
He's a Ham radio operator in Lithuania who sells parts and I'll bet he can help you find some more local resources to help.  
Good luck...
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