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Epiphone dot

4/24/2003 12:50 AM
Frank Epiphone dot
Anyone own, or tried one of these?  
At that price, it's very tempting.
4/24/2003 5:57 PM
or, can anyone reccomend anything similar with lots of "bang for my buck"?
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4/24/2003 10:30 PM
Steve A.

    I believe that it is Samick who builds those guitars in Korea, and they can be pretty nice. You'd probably want to upgrade the pickups but doesn't everybody do that anyway? :D  
    I'd be nervous ordering one mail order because the quality for Epiphone doesn't seem to be consistent... will you get a nice one or a crappy one? Not just cosmetics but playability, too. Some of them could use a decent fret leveling while others come out of the chute just fine... ;)  
    So if you don't like the guitar what are your options? I wish that there were "real people" working in those mail order houses who could check out a few guitars for you and then send you one that was really nice (or at least make sure that you weren't getting a total lemon). When the box arrives and you find a half dozen old address labels on it, you know that they've reached the bottom of the barrel. :(  
Steve Ahola
4/26/2003 8:48 PM
D. Hiatt Collins

I just got one yesterday, as a matter of fact. I got it on ebay, but it was from a local place (Nashville) so I was able to check it out before handing over the cash. It's a beautiful guitar, and plays very well- I paid $315. Check ebay- these come up very frequently.  
4/29/2003 1:23 PM
mister dont move
I just picked up a used Hamer Echotone. There going for around the same price. I paid $325.00 with a TKL hard case. It plays and sounds tremendous. Huge bang for the buck!
4/30/2003 6:49 AM
D. Hiatt Collins

That's another good option- those come up on ebay pretty frequently as well.  
Lots of good options out there between $300-400.  
5/1/2003 1:30 AM
i have surprisingly seen one of these for 300 CN. once, well at least it seemed like 1 it was older though and had a maple neck/fingerboard it was a very sounding and played nice
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